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Rick and Morty, on Cartoon Network
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I haven't had the chance to watch this on Adult Swim, but I've seen it on Hulu. There's not much I can say except that there's this 14-year-old kid named Morty Smith, who gets dragged along on all kinds of insane adventures with his grandfather, a drunken mad scientist named Rick Sanchez. While they're the main characters, we also see some of the more mundane goings-on in the lives of Morty's parents, Jerry and Beth (Rick's daughter), and Morty's 17-year-old sister, Summer. Though the events of their lives can sometimes be made less mundane, when whatever Rick and Morty are doing bleeds into their family's lives. In subsequent seasons, the family gets more involved in Rick and Morty's adventures, at least occasionally. And there's an ever-growing mythology to the series, though most episodes remain standalone.

As the show has grown more complex, it's grown on me a lot. At first I only kind of liked it, but it didn't take too long for me to come to love it, and understand why it's so insanely popular. I think it's pretty brilliant and hysterical, and sometimes has some genuine emotional aspects, even if they're buried under the show's crassness and irreverence and, you know, crushing cynicism. I wish there was more I could tell you, but I don't want to spoil any major plot developments. Oh, but I will mention that there's always a fun bonus scene at the end of the closing credits.

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