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Pucca, on MBC (South Korea) / Toon Disney (USA)
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This is South Korean in origin, and I guess it started as flash shorts online, though I never heard of it til it came as a regular series to Toon Disney. It's a very cute, sweet, and silly little show, very simply drawn, and it seems as if it's for little kids, but there's no reason for anyone not to enjoy it, I think. It can also be a bit twisted, and certainly funny.

It's about a 10-year-old girl named Pucca, who lives in Sooga Village. She's constantly chasing and trying to kiss a 12-year-old ninja named Garu, who just wants her to leave him alone. In fact it seems she's pretty much the only thing in the world that scares him. Pucca and Garu don't talk, though they do make non-linguistic sounds, most notably Pucca's giggling. However, everyone else in the village does talk. There's a boy named Abyo, who resembles Bruce Lee and is apparently a Kung Fu expert, and a friendly rival of Garu's. There's a girl named Ching who's a friend of Pucca's. There's a policeman named Bruce who is Abyo's father. Santa Claus also lives in the village for some reason. There's a ninja named Tobe who hates Garu and is constantly trying (and failing) to defeat him, with the help of a whole gang of ninjas he leads. There's an old guy named Master Soo who talks like a rabbi or something, and he like floats on clouds and stuff. I guess he's magical, and sort of like the leader of the village, or something. He often travels with young maidens, who seem to love him. And there are a few chefs at a noodle shop, which I guess Pucca's father owns. And there are various other kids around town who I don't really know, and there are cats. And stuff.

Anyway, there are just a bunch of silly adventures (each half hour installment usually seems to be comprised of three short stories). I dunno how to explain it any better. But whatever wacky stuff is going on, it's always ultimately about Pucca trying to kiss Garu, and usually succeeding, much to his dismay. That's it. Oh, and the theme song is also very cute and catchy.

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