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Martin Mystery, on Canal J (France) / YTV (Canada) / Nicktoons (USA)
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This is made by Marathon, the same studio that makes Totally Spies, and you can definitely tell it's the same style of animation. Anyway, it's about this guy named Martin Mystery, who attends Torrington Academy, and also secretly works for a place called the Centre. The Centre is run by someone called M.O.M., who is assisted by a little green Martian named Billy. There seem to be a lot of aliens working for this organization, and they have lots of advanced technology. Yeah, I think the show is sort of a cross between Men in Black and The X-Files, but more cartoony, of course (and not just because it happens to be, you know, a cartoon). Actually, the show is based on European comic books, which I don't know anything about, but which I think are more serious than this show. There are several other differences, I think, but I can't really comment, never having read them.

So, Martin has to investigate paranormal stuff, with the help of his step-sister Diana Lombard, and a caveman named Java. Martin has a device called a U-Watch that he can use to select various techno-gadgets to assist in his investigations, which is cool. But other than that... he mostly relies on his knowledge of sci-fi and monster movies, and paranormal magazines. He has an ego that goes way beyond his abilities, and he doesn't seem to take anything very seriously, even if he does think his job is really cool. Of course, he also doesn't take school seriously, though he's always ready to flirt with girls (especially a fellow Torrington student named Jenni Anderson, who can't stand him). Oh, and I should also mention that M.O.M. pretty much always ends up getting annoyed at Martin, who tends to accidentally cause disasters at the Centre whenever he and his partners show up to receive their assignments.

Diana, on the other hand, is much more intelligent and professional, though she also spends a lot of time arguing with Martin. And on rare occasions (rarer than Martin, anyway), she can engage in a little flirting or crushing, herself (particularly on a student named Marvin, whom Martin can't stand). And um, I guess at some point Marvin also started working for the Centre. Anyway, in spite of all Martin's goofing around and arguing with Diana and everything, eventually Martin, Diana, and Java always solve whatever weird case they're working on.

Can't really think of anything else to say. It's a reasonably amusing and interesting show I guess. I first watched it on Nickelodeon, but it didn't seem to be on there for long, so I didn't get to see much of it. It was a few years later before I got to see it on Nicktoons Network. Got to see more of it than I had before, got more into it, but alas, I only got to see the first couple seasons. There's one more season I haven't seen, as well as perhaps a few scattered episodes from the first two seasons. So I hope to see the rest eventually. Luckily, it seems pretty much completely episodic, so the order in which you watch it isn't really important....

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