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My Life as a Teenage Robot, on Nickelodeon
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This is about a robot called XJ9, who prefers to be called Jenny. Her "mother," Dr. Wakeman, designed XJ9 to save the world, but Jenny just wants to be a normal teenage girl. She makes a few friends: Brad, his little brother Tuck, and a teenage genius geek named Sheldon, who has a crush on Jenny. My best description of the show would be sort of a cross between Astroboy and The Powerpuff Girls. It definitely does seem to be somewhat anime-influenced, which is generally a plus, in my book. Anyway, the show is reasonably amusing and enjoyable. And rather retro in some ways. There's also an alien robot empire called the Cluster, ruled by the evil Queen Vexus, who's always attacking Earth, and wants Jenny to join the Cluster. But... well, lots of other stuff happens. There are always plenty of enemies for Jenny to face, often with the help of her friends... though they can get her into trouble at least as often as they help her out. But she's good at getting herself into trouble, too. And, um... I dunno, it's just a good mix of sort of fish-out-of-water, coming of age, old-fashioned teenage shenanigans and ordinary problems, and cool battles.

There was a TV movie in the middle of the second season, called Escape From Cluster Prime, which was fairly cool.

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