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Men in Black: The Series, on The WB
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This Saturday morning cartoon was based on the live-action movie Men in Black. It's about this secret organization, MIB, which monitors alien activity on Earth and deals with any bad aliens who need to be dealt with. And it's funny and it's got adventure and cool gadgets and stuff. It focuses on two agents, J and K (or Jay and Kay, though I prefer just letters). Of course, there were lots of other agents, including the boss, Zed, as well as agent L (or Elle). There were other characters familiar from the movie, as well as plenty of new characters and aliens. (Zed, L, the "worms," Jeebs, and Frank the Pug all have bigger roles than they did in the movie.) I don't remember it as well as I'd like, so it'd be nice to see it again someday. Maybe then I could write up a better review. But anyway, it was a cool series....

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