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The Maxx, on MTV
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Crazy. Um, a total psychological trip... The Maxx is a superhero. Sort of. This takes place in two worlds. The real world, in which the Maxx is this homeless guy, although large and powerful and fights crime... but it also takes place in the Outback, which is sort of the subconscious... There's a social worker named Julie Winters, who is the Maxx's only friend, really.... There is this evil insane dude called Mr. Gone. He sort of narrates the series, has a major interest in Maxx and Julie, and he knows about both realities, and brings creatures called Isz from the Outback into this reality, where most people see them as normal people, but they're actually small little... things.... And they change color when they come into this reality.... And... um... I dunno, the whole series is kind of like being in an asylum.... and really hard to describe, but terribly interesting and strange and stuff. Oh yeah, there's also a girl named Sara who sometimes hangs out with Maxx and Julie. Her mom is a friend of Julie's, sort of. And her dad is gone. Dunno what else to say. Oh yeah, it's based on a series of comic books which I've never read, but I reckon I'd like to.

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