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MAD, on Cartoon Network
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MAD has, of course, existed in either comic book or magazine form since 1952. So it's very long-running, but I was never really into it. I suppose I was always vaguely aware of it, but I don't exactly recall ever actually reading it, nor having any particular interest in doing so. It always seemed pretty stupid and juvenile to me, even when I was a little kid. But I'm sure it could have some funny stuff in it. Anyway, in 1995, FOX began airing a sketch comedy show, MADtv, which was sort of in competition with Saturday Night Live. Of course, MADtv was a live-action show, and bore no particular relation to the magazine, other than using the image of the magazine's mascot, Alfred E. Neuman, and occasionally airing animated "Spy vs. Spy" shorts.

Well, in 2010, Cartoon Network began airing a new, animated MAD series, which is much more similar to the magazine (including airing animated "Spy vs. Spy" shorts). This new series is being compared by a lot of people to Robot Chicken, and I definitely think it's similar. Both shows consist of a mix of very brief clips and longer segments. And both shows are 15 minutes long. Both parody or satirize all manners of pop culture and whatnot. And both shows are a mix of really dumb gags and fairly clever gags. As well as being a mix of childish humor and adult humor. Anyway, I haven't really watched much Robot Chicken, and I'm not sure how long I'll bother watching this show, either. But it's not a terrible way to spend 15 minutes, especially when it's part of the network's Monday night lineup, following Adventure Time and Regular Show. Like the latter, I feel like some of this show's humor would be more suited to adult swim than for an hour where young children might be watching. But... whatever. It really doesn't seem quite good enough for adult swim....

Edit: I lost access to Cartoon Network in June 2011, so I didn't have the chance to watch the show after that, even if I wanted to. But there's a clip from 2012, which I became aware of in 2015 when a friend shared it on facebook. The Legend of Dora is a parody mashup of The Legend of Korra and Dora the Explorer, which I think is pretty hilarious. (Also, Tenzin reminds me of Mr. Gone, and the Triad guy who attacks Dora reminds me of Daisuke Jigen.) The only problem I have with it is the guy who pronounces "Aang" the way it's pronounced The Last Airbender. Anyway... this makes me wish I could watch more of "MAD." Sigh. (I mean, it doesn't make me want to go to the trouble of watching other clips on YouTube, but....)

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