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Legion of Super Heroes, on The CW
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Caution: potential spoilers.

Well, I don't know a lot about the LSH. I mean, I read the mid-1990s comic book "Legionnaires" for awhile, and this 2006 Saturday morning cartoon kinda reminds me of that, except... more cartoony. And perhaps slightly animeish in design. Anyway... it's set in the 31st century. In the first episode, three members of the LSH- Saturn Girl, Brainiac 5, and Bouncing Boy- went to the 21st century to recruit Superman to help them fight the supervillain group the Fatal Five (led by the Emerald Empress). But Brainy took them to Smallville, just before Clark Kent moved to Metropolis, so he hasn't yet become Superman or done any superheroing at all. But everyone 1000 years in the future thinks of him as like the greatest superhero ever. Anyway, after Clark and various members of the LSH defeat the Fatal Five, Clark decides to stick around in the future for awhile with the LSH, and starts calling himself Superman.

So, we get to see a bunch of random adventures throughout the first season, and get to know some of the characters better. Other members of the Legion include Lightning Lad, Phantom Girl (whose mother is President of the United Planets), Triplicate Girl, Timber Wolf, Cosmic Boy, and maybe a few others. Of course there are other members that we may not see, as they have heroing to do all around the UP. But there are also sometimes auditions for people to try out to join the Legion....

At the end of the first season, Superman returns to the 21st century. He returns to the future in season two, however, after having spent a couple years in his own time. So he's gotten stronger and started building a name for himself back then as a superhero. But this season we'll actually have two Supermans working alongside the Legion: the second being a clone of Superman from the 41st century, who exists to fight a villain called Imperiex. Imperiex has been trying to conquer pretty much the whole universe, I guess. And when the Legion goes to the 41st century to try to stop him, he ends up going back to the 31st century to wage his war in their time. And I guess he'll be the major focus of the season, but there will also be some side stories. And of course we get to meet more Legionnaires, including Chameleon Boy and Shrinking Violet, and perhaps a few others. Oh yeah, and Triplicate Girl, who can split into three selves, loses one of her selves in the future, so after she returns to her own time, she starts calling herself Duo Damsel.

And that's pretty much all I can think to say right now. I don't think the show's nearly as good as other DC comics-based cartoons, but it's alright. Of course the style of animation is also... rather different. As I said, more cartoony than I'm used to. Anyway, the second season ended in a pretty cool way, which made me really wish there'd be a third season, but there wasn't. Sigh.

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