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Great cast, cool characters, very funny and clever dialogue, and um... it's just a real fun show. Kim Possible is a high school cheerleader who has a website where she advertises her services; it says she can do anything. So she ends up saving the world a lot. Her goofy sidekick is her friend Ron Stoppable. Ron has a pet naked mole rat named Rufus. And there's a pre-teen computer expert named Wade who also helps out on missions, remotely. And there are cool villains, the main ones being arch-nemesis Dr. Drakken and his enforcer, Shego. Anyway... Weird, wild, funny stuff. Can't think what else to say, which is a shame, cuz this show so totally rocks....

Well, I should say that there were a couple of TV movies. In the middle of season two there was "A Sitch in Time," and in the middle of season three there was "So the Drama." However, the latter movie was actually supposed to be the series finale... so any episodes that aired after it were technically set prior to the movie. Later, the series was renewed for a fourth season, which was set after the movie (and a certain event from the end of the movie led to a major change in the dynamic of the series, at least on a personal level. But I won't spoil that. It didn't really affect the nature of the show, though...

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