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Bless the Harts, on FOX
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First I want to mention that this is ostensibly set within the same fictional universe as King of the Hill, even though there's no official connection between the shows. But they do have somewhat similar animation styles and comedic sensibilities. Also the fictional store chain Mega-Lo-Mart exists in both shows. But unlike "King of the Hill," which is set in Texas, this show is set in North Carolina. It's about a single mother named Jenny Hart (Kristen Wiig), who works as a waitress in a restaurant called Last Supper, which has a large reproduction of the painting of the same name on the wall. Occasionally, when Jenny is alone in the restaurant after hours, Jesus (Kumail Nanjiani) will come out of the painting and have conversations with Jenny about what she's going through in her life at the moment, though it's unclear whether he's real or a product of her imagination. Meanwhile, she's raising her artistic teenage daughter, Violet (Jillian Bell), with the help of her boyfriend, Wayne Edwards. Also living with them is Jenny's widowed mother, Betty (Maya Rudolph), whose personality frequently clashes with Jenny's. Other characters include Jenny's coworker and friend, Brenda, and their boss, Louise (voiced by series creator Emily Spivey). Also, Violet has a best friend named David, who is also artistic, and the two of them enjoy irony and sarcasm. And Betty has an arch-nemesis named Crystalynn (Mary Steenburgen).

And... I really don't know what else to say, except that I find the show kind of odd, but also kind of amusing.

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