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Project G.e.e.K.e.R., on CBS
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This Saturday morning cartoon was so funny and cool and it totally rocked! Oh yeah, there was this weird sort of thing called GKR, or GeeKeR, which was just weird. Created by like some scientist... Dr. Maston, who was like a Mastodon actually. Yes, there was this underground hidden world of dinosaurs and stuff. And Dr. Maston was working for this evil rich corporate (human) dude named Mr. Moloch. Maston created GeeKeR, to be used as a weapon (he had all these weird abilities like shapeshifting or something, I forget), but he was stupid and didn't quite know how to control himself. And he escaped from Mr. Moloch and joined this cyborg named Lady MacBeth, who GeeKeR called Becky. Anyway, she just found him annoying. Also they had this dinosaur friend named Noah. And they were constantly on the run from Moloch and his henchmen. And there were these guys called Pinkers who I think were Moloch's henchmen, or maybe they were just like corrupt cops, or um... informants or some stupid gang or... I forget! I don't remember the show well, but it was really weird and really funny and cool and I loved it and now I miss it and I wanna see it again. Also, the voice cast included people who would later be pretty familiar to me from other stuff, like Billy West, Cree Summer, Brad Garrett, etc.

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