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Garfield and Friends, on CBS
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So anyway, you've read the Garfield comic strips, at least on occasion. (No, there isn't even any question about that; there is no such thing as a person who hasn't read Garfield comic strips.) So I don't really need to tell you about the characters, Jon Arbuckle, his cat Garfield and dog Odie. You know them. You've probably even seen some Garfield animated specials. As for U.S. Acres, it's less certain that you will have read any of those strips, but you might have. It's about a bunch of farm animals, like Orson Pig, Wade Duck, Roy Rooster, Bo and Lanolin Sheep, Booker the chick and Sheldon the... uh, egg.... And stuff. Maybe some other characters, I forget. Anyway, so there was this Saturday morning cartoon which would have a few different segments in every episode, a couple with Garfield and at least one with U.S. Acres. Not sure what to say about it all, except that it could be reasonably amusing, if your a fan of the strips. Also, the theme song changed at least a couple of times, but I always found it rather entertaining (though my favorite was probably the rap version). Um... and I should say that years later there was a new Garfield show, on Cartoon Network, which I think is CGI. I haven't watched that. But this old show... it was decent.

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