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Caution: spoilers.

Well, at first this show started out kind of "meh." A bit boring, but not really bad. It had potential, I guess, and in the weeks following the premiere, it grew on me somewhat. Anyway, there's a supervillain named Killface, an albino, rather demonic-looking guy, who has a son named Simon who mumbles incomprehensibly, and isn't really happy. (It will eventually be revealed that Simon is gay.) Killface isn't that happy, himself, because his evil plans never quite get off the ground, mainly for lack of financing... he spent all his money building a weapon called the Annihilatrix.

And then there's this billionaire playboy named Xander Crews, who is secretly a superhero called Awesome X. He wears a sort of robotic armored suit and has a flying base, as well as a team of followers called the Xtacles, with similar robotic suits, except for helmets that completely cover their heads, as opposed to Awesome X's mask. Anyway, Xander is really kind of dumb and self-centered and immature, and he seems to be running his company into the ground. But he doesn't really care, all he really wants to do is find a new supervillain to fight, so he can produce a line of action figures to sell. But there's a guy named Stan who is head of the board of Xander's company, who is frustrated by the way Xander does things, and eventually takes over the company for himself, as well as assuming the identity of Awesome X, for a time.

Also there's a reporter named Grace Ryan, who's dating Xander, though he doesn't really like her at all. And she eventually gets bitten by superintelligent radioactive ants, and becomes a villain herself, called Antagone. And there was a woman named Sinn, who worked for Killface, though she was eventually fired. And later joined the Xtacles, using the name "Hooper," who they all thought was a guy with breasts. She eventually became their leader, and renamed them the Decepticles. There was also a guy named Arthur Watley, who worked for Xander, and he eventually became a lobster-man. And had a relationship with Sinn. There's also a woman named Valerie, who worked for Killface, though she was scared of him. And now she's become a mercenary and constantly tries to kill him.

For the latter half of the first season, Killface was blind, and unwittingly teamed up with Xander Crews, who was at that point on the run from the Xtacles, who wanted to kill him (not knowing he was really Awesome X). They tried to find Simon, who had run away. But eventually... I dunno, Killface gets his sight back and stuff. There's a climactic battle at the Annihilatrix, but it ends up doing the opposite of what it was meant to do. In season two we learn that Killface actually ended global warming, so now he's popular, and runs for President.

Xander reclaims his company, and runs against Killface, so the first half of the season is about the campaign against each other. Stan became Xander's campaign manager; Killface's was a woman named Dottie Bunch. Xander wanted Fred Dryer for a running mate, but could never get ahold of him. Killface's was a rapper named Taqu'il. Also there's a guy named Wendell Stamps who is Killface's bodyguard. He's kind of crazy. Anyway, eventually Killface and Xander both realize they're not qualified to be President (Xander was too young and Killface wasn't a legal resident). So Killface goes back to trying to destroy the world. And Taqu'il becomes President.

Meanwhile, Hooper starts the "Sisterhood of Chaos," and reveals to the Decepticles that she's a woman. The group includes herself (now calling herself "Sinn" again), Valerie, and Antagone (who Sinn and Val don't like), as well as the Decepticles and Arthur Watley. They take over the Annihilatrix and plan to destroy the world, but Xander, Killface, and Taqu'il all have their own plans to stop the Sisterhood. Oh, and Wendell wants to become the new Awesome X, though Xander doesn't want him to ruin the image he tried to build. Um, Xander is like crippled now, so he can't be Awesome X himself. I forget how that happened, if I ever saw it. And I don't understand why he was even talking to Wendell. Um... I'm sure I forgot a lot of stuff, but at the end of season 2, aliens show up (Killface's people). I was really looking forward to the next season, but... sadly, it's not going to be made.

Well, the plot can be kind of meandering, because the two main characters aren't very good at focusing. And stuff. I'm not entirely sure I've seen every episode, and I don't clearly remember everything I have seen. But it all sort of defies explanation, anyway, it's all just totally random weirdness. I don't even always know what the hell is going on while I'm watching it. (My review is itself rather meandering, I suppose, and I probably mention any number of things completely out of chronological order.) Still, it can be pretty amusing. Stupid, but amusing. And weird. And random. And that's all I can tell you, I guess.

Several months after the show ended, there was a spin-off called The Xtacles, which lasted only two episodes.

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