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Freakazoid!, on The WB
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Freakazoid is about my favorite superhero aside from Batman, cuz he's a lunatic. Okay, here's the deal: computer nerd Dexter Douglas gets ahold of this new computer chip, which has a defect, and its creator, this Scottish guy, Roddy MacStew (who will later become vaguely a mentor or guide to Freakazoid), told the manufacturing company's board about the defect, but they didn't care. The president of the company or whatever was named Guitierrez (who will later become a supervillain), who is a sort of Khan knock-off played by Ricardo Montalban. He's cool. Um, this whole show is cool. And highly highly insane and stuff. Anyway, the defect is like if you hit this bizarre combination of keys, you'll get sucked into the Internet and go crazy or something. Well, Dexter's cat walked across his keyboard, and Dex got sucked into the Net and became this crazy superhero, Freakazoid (who got out of the Internet, of course). Dex can transform between himself and Freak, but most of the series is about Freakazoid and not Dexter...

Anyway, Freakazoid is friends with this cop named Cosgrove, played by Ed Asner. He also has a girlfriend named Steff, who doesn't know he's really Dexter. And there's lots of cool villains, especially the Lobe. Plus just plain annoying (in a good way) characters like Fanboy, played by Stephen Furst, who's so cool and funny and stuff. And for awhile Freak had a butler played by Jonathan Harris aka Dr. Smith from Lost in Space. And there are other superheroes with their own minor sketches like Lord Bravery and the Huntsman. Anyway, it's a hysterical show and insane, did I mention that? I like insanity. This show was so great!

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