Fillmore! tek's rating: ½

Fillmore!, on ABC
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This 2002 Saturday morning cartoon is like a 1970s cop show, except the "cops" are middle school kids (and it's set in the present). The title character is Cornelius Fillmore, who used to be a troublemaker, but is now an agent of X Middle School's Safety Patrol. His partner is the new kid in town, Ingrid Third. I quite like her, mainly cuz of her goth look. Their boss is Jr. Commissioner Vallejo, who is often irritated by Fillmore. Other Safety Patrol officers include Tehama (forensics), O'Farrell (photographer), and Anza. Of course they all ultimately answer to Principal Folsom, who is chiefly concerned with the school's image. Oh, and there are alot of chase scenes. Hmmm, not sure what else to say, but... I think it's a pretty cool show, and funny, and stuff. I quite enjoy it.

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