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Ewoks, on ABC
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I probably didn't see much of this, because I didn't get ABC when it was on, so I must have seen it on a Canadian channel, and then only occasionally. But it's part of the Star Wars universe and as such it's important, okay? I think it might be roughly related to the live-action Ewoks TV movies. It's also in the same vein as the animated series "Droids," which I'm sure I saw less of than this, and don't really remember at all. I'd probably like to see both cartoons someday and write proper reviews of them, as well. But anyway... I'm sure I at least kind of liked this show, when it was on. It was, you know, about Ewoks. Them small bearlike guys from Return of the Jedi. A lot of fans of the original trilogy probably don't like the Ewoks that much, but I always did. Especially Wicket. Anyway, I dunno what else to say. Can't really describe the show except that it had nothing to do, as far as I recall, with anything else from the Star Wars movies. It was just the Ewoks, living their lives on their moon, and sometimes having conflicts with some other species that lived there, I guess....

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