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Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist, on Comedy Central
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This was a really good show, but I never saw as much of it as I should have. Or something. But it really was very clever. And it spawned the whole creative style of "squigglevision" animation (or at least, it was the first squigglevision show I ever saw). Anyway, comedian Jonathan Katz played Dr. Katz, who was... um, a therapist, or whatever. And he was divorced I guess and had an adult son who lived with him, named Ben, played by H. Jon Benjamin. He had a receptionist named Laura who was kind of rude and lazy and not real interested in her job, or anything. But she was cool. I liked her. They were all funny. He also had a couple friends he talked to at a bar sometimes, named Stan and Julie. Julie was the bartender. Um, and each week there'd be different celebrities, mainly comedians and some actors, who visited Dr. Katz in his professional capacity. They were generally pretty funny, too. One of my favorites was Emo Philips. Anyway, it was really a very cool show and I'd like to see it again sometime....

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