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Duck Dodgers, on Cartoon Network
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Based on Daffy Duck's old Duck Dodgers cartoons, sort of a parody of Buck Rogers, obviously. I liked those old cartoon shorts when I was a kid, but I don't remember them that well, and I'm not sure how similar this modern series is to them. Anyway, it's vaguely cool that the theme song is sung by Tom Jones. And the show is very self-referential towards various Looney Tunes shows and characters. And it does some cool pop culture references sometimes. I loved the "Green Loontern" episode and the "Samurai Quack" episode (the former being a Green Lantern Corps story, and the latter a parody of Samurai Jack). Well, there were other good eps (and a lot of eps I haven't seen yet, but I'll try to catch up in reruns). Still, a lot of the time I thought it could be kind of "meh." Overall, though, not bad. It could be amusing....

Anyway, the premise is, Duck Dodgers was from the 21st century, I guess, but he got frozen for centuries and revived in the 24th and a half century, by Professor I.Q. Hi. Dodgers is very self-centered and not that bright and totally does not deserve the position he's given: captain of a starship in the Galactic Protectorate. His only crew is the Eager Young Space Cadet (portrayed by Porky Pig, of course), who is much more selfless and competent, and constantly frustrated by how stupid and selfish Captain Dodgers can be (which totally reminds me of the relationship between Zapp Brannigan and Kif in Futurama), though the two of them do sort of consider themselves friends, I guess. There are also a number of other characters we see from time to time (Dodgers' chief rival within the Protectorate is Captain Star Johnson), but the most common Protectorate character aside from the two main characters is I.Q. Hi, who assigns them missions, and whatnot.

They may have any number of threats to face, or non-threatish things, too (though Dodgers excels at turning the simplest tasks into potentially dangerous situations). But the most common threat is from the Martians, who often want to invade Earth, I guess. We normally just see Martian Commander X-2 (portrayed by Marvin the Martian), who is Dodger's arch-enemy, and Centurion robots. Plus the Martian Queen, Tyr'ahnee (who we like; as Dodgers himself once said to her, "Ya know, I've always thought you were some looker... for a chick without a face.") The Queen has something of a crush on Dodgers, while X-2 himself is in love with the Queen.

And that's all I can say for now, but maybe I'll update this entry at some point. Or maybe not, we'll see....

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