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Dexter's Laboratory, on Cartoon Network
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Dexter is a small boy genius with a sort-of Germanish accent for no apparent reason. He has a secret lab which his sister Dee Dee loves to get into and wreak havoc. She loves Dexter, but she's pretty stoopid and hyperactive. Dexter is always annoyed at her, but he wouldn't be able to live without her. Their parents don't know about the lab. Dexter always worries they'll find out about it, but it doesn't really matter, cuz if they ever do he'll just erase their memories. He also has an enemy named Mandark, another genius kid with his own huge lab. He's totally smitten with Dee Dee, who's completely uninterested in him. Dexter invents all kinds of brilliant inventions and robots and stuff. The show has lots of influences, everything from the Road Runner to Speed Racer to Godzilla to Hostess Fruit Pie ads in comic books to James Bond movies, etc., etc. It's awfully inventive and hilarious and fun. Also there are other characters with their own sketches like Monkey, and the Justice Friends. Actually, I didn't see many episodes from the last few seasons. I'm not sure exactly when this show jumped the shark, but I haven't seen much that was very good after the TV movie Ego Trip. That was a pretty cool movie, though.

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