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Darkwing Duck, on Disney Channel / syndication / ABC
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Drake Mallard is a mild-mannered... well, I'm not sure what he does by day, if anything. But anyway, he's also the terror that flaps in the night, Darkwing Duck! He has an adopted daughter named Gosalyn, who he picked up in his first major adventure fighting Taurus Bulba. He also has a sidekick/pilot named Launchpad McQuack, who used to work for Scrooge McDuck, in the series DuckTales.

Anyway, Darkwing starts off as a pretty small-time crimefighter, not much of a superhero. He has no powers, you know. He's kind of like Batman, only not nearly as competent. He does have his toys, though, such as the gasgun, a motorcycle called the Ratcatcher and a plane called the Thunderquack. And a secret lair. And great enemies. And he really is pretty cool and he does get fairly good at the whole superhero thing. He's kind of a bumbler at times, but not always. He's got quite an ego, though, a real glory-hound.

Launchpad is fairly inept most of the time, quite a buffoon and gets in the way and not too bright and his landings leave a great deal to be desired. But he's a good guy and he's a loyal and valuable sidekick, nevertheless. And Gosalyn is very cool, very spunky and adventurous and a troublemaker and I'd say a major precursor of Jade, from Jackie Chan Adventures. Sometimes she acts as a heroine, herself, called the Quiverwing Quack. Her best friend is Honker Muddlefoot.

Anyway... a very funny and cool show. I wish I could think of more to say.... I really should get the DVDs sometime.

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