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Dan Vs., on The Hub
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This ran for three seasons, from 2011 to 2013. I was vaguely aware of it, and it looked vaguely like something I might want to check out someday. But I didn't actually get around to it until 2015, when I discovered it was on Hulu, one night when I was drinking and watching other animated series on Hulu. And as soon as I started watching it, I was kind of shocked that it was ever marketed to kids, because damn. The humor on this show is dark. Dark, and subversive, and clever, and surreal, and crazy, and freaking awesome. Well... apparently it originally aired Saturday nights, so maybe it wasn't targeted specifically to kids. But I definitely saw it advertised on Saturday mornings when I was watching a show that definitely was for kids. And this later moved to Saturday afternoons. So... weird. (If I had kids, I probably wouldn't let them watch this until they were in their mid-teens. And then I'd probably insist that they watch it.)

Anyway, it's about this misanthrope named Dan (Curtis Armstrong), whose life seems to be nothing but bad luck (hence the misanthropy). Whenever something bad happens to him, he immediately decides who or what to blame, and immediately decides to take revenge. And he gets help from his friend Chris (Dave Foley), a nice, sensitive guy who is reluctant to get involved, but always does. (I'm really not sure why he's even friends with Dan.) Also, Chris is married to a very smart and patient woman named Elise (Paget Brewster), who may be a bit annoyed by Chris always helping Dan... but sometimes she gets involved with the revenge schemes, herself. (It doesn't take too long before it's revealed that she's a badass secret agent, though Chris and Dan remain unaware of that fact.) Also I should mention that Dan has a pet cat named Mr. Mumbles (who is female, also voiced by Brewster). And I guess there isn't really anything else I can say, but the show is hilarious.

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