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Clerks, on ABC / Comedy Central
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This show (aka "Clerks: The Animated Series") was based on the live-action movie Clerks. In fact the original actors provided the voices, and it was of course made by writer/director Kevin Smith. Only 2 of the 6 produced episodes ever aired on ABC, but Comedy Central reran the whole series for awhile, and later Cartoon Network reran it on its adult swim block. Of course, you can also get the series on DVD.

Anyway, both the movie and the series are about these clerks named Dante and Randal. Dante's a kind of serious guy who wants to do his job. Randal's sort of this smart-aleck slacker who doesn't take his job or much of anything else seriously, and tends to get Dante into trouble. The other two major characters are Jay and Silent Bob. Anyway, it's an extremely funny show, and of course it allows more ridiculous things to happen than could have possibly happened in the more realistic film....

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