tek's rating: ½

The Brak Show, on Cartoon Network
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It could be a kind of stupid show, but it could also be pretty funny sometimes. Both wacky and zany, I'd say. It featured Brak and Brak's parents and Zorak and other characters sometimes, in a sort of mock-50's sitcom. The best character was probably Thundercleese, a battle robot who lived next door to Brak. But it's not Brak's best work (which was on Cartoon Planet). Anyway, I dunno what to say. Sometimes it was pretty good and sometimes it kind of sucked, and it was always pretty stupid.

Before this show, Brak did a couple eps of something called Brak Presents the Brak Show Starring Brak, which was okay, but probably not even quite as good as the Brak Show is.

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