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Axe Cop, on FOX / FXX
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This is one of the first two shows to premiere on Fox's ADHD programming block, in July 2013. The second season began in April 2015, a few months after the block moved to FXX. Each episode is about 12 minutes long. The show is kind of brilliantly absurdist. It's based on a popular webcomic which I've never read and hadn't heard of until the TV series started. The comic itself was created by a 29-year-old comic book artist, based on stories told by his 5-year-old brother. (Which kind of puts me in mind of the unrelated webseries Written By a Kid.)

So, there's this cop who finds the perfect axe at a crime scene, and from that moment on he becomes Axe Cop. (This seems to have always been his destiny.) So, um... he's totally violent and bad-ass and has no mercy whatsoever for villains. Honestly, in real life there's no way this guy could be a cop, he'd be locked away in a mental institution. Although in the show, I'm not even sure he's actually a cop anymore. Now he just seems to be a vigilante superhero. I dunno. Anyway, he recruited a sidekick named Flute Cop, who's obviously much more rational. (But has nothing against killing bad guys, which he does with his magic flute.) And uh, they have ridiculous, bizarre crime-fighting adventures, and I don't know what else to say. Except absolutely anything can happen. Since it's based on the imagination of a 5-year-old, there are no limits. So it's awesome. Oh, and Axe Cop has a dinosaur named Wexter, whom he sometimes rides to places he needs to go, such as outer space. And there are various other ridiculous superheroes, like Sockarang, Gray Diamond, and Liborg. And um, there are lots of other characters. Flute Cop is married (I think) to a woman named Anita, and they're raising a baby (who I guess is adopted) called Uni-Baby, who has magical powers. And stuff.

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