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Aqua Teen Hunger Force, on Cartoon Network
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A stupid yet brilliant and hilarious show. Really crazy. Alot of fun. Master Shake (a man-sized milkshake), Frylock (a box of fries), and Meatwad (a wad of meat) were detectives, originally, though they never did much detecting, and eventually they kinda gave that up. So the show would have even less of a plot; it's all about as random as it gets. Shake is lazy and not all that bright and very selfish, and stuff. Meatwad is basically a good guy but dumb and easily manipulated and gullible; also totally childlike and cute and loveable. Frylock is the only smart one, the only one who's really serious about anything, and the only one with any decent powers. (He zaps lightning from his eyes.) There's also a guy named Carl who lives next door and is really funny and stuff. He's not happy about living next door to the Aqua Teens. And um, at the start of each episode is a brief scene with a mad scientist named Dr. Weird, and his assistant Steve. Well, except for the eps that started with "Spacecataz," which was a little ongoing feud between the Mooninites and the Plutonians. And later eps had no intro at all. But anyway, the theme song is cool. And... it's an unbelievably fun show. Actually... when you first start watching the series, it may take you awhile to get into it. You might not like it at first, but once you get used to it, it just gets better and better until finally you can't help loving it. Or maybe you'll never develop a taste for it at all, I dunno. And also, in the later seasons... I still like it, but not as enthusiastically as I used to.

In season 8, the show was renamed Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 1, and the characters returned to being detectives. Also Dr. Weird and Steve are back. And there's a new theme song. In season 9, the show was renamed Aqua Something You Know Whatever, and in season 10, it was renamed Aqua TV Show Show. But I didn't get to see those seasons, because I didn't have Cartoon Network anymore. Maybe I'll catch reruns someday.

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