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These are a few things that have aired on Adult Swim, which I don't care enough about to give their own pages, but I do care enough to at least write a little something about them. (There may actually be some things I write less about that I do give their own pages, but you know... it ain't quantity, it's quality.)

12 Oz. Mouse
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The drawings are incredibly crude. The main character is called "Mouse" by some and "Fitz" by others. He gets a job working for a shark, though he doesn't really carry out any of his assignments, he basically just does whatever he feels like at any given time. Drinks alot, drives around, steals stuff, shoots stuff, wrecks stuff, whatever. He has a chincilla friend named Skillet who just screeches, whereas Mouse and everyone else in the show talks. There are a couple of humans, but most characters are animals, or body parts, or just shapes. Everything that happens seems to be pretty random and pointless. It's kind of funny I guess. ...It lasted for about 20 episodes, and I'm not sure if I saw all of them. The show was okay, but I really only watched it because it was on adult swim.

Baby Blues, on The WB
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This was more or less based on a comic strip of the same name. I don't think I ever saw the show during its first run on the WB, but I did later watch it on Adult Swim. Anyway, there's a couple named Darryl and Wanda MacPherson, who have a baby named Zoe. And they have neighbors named Carl and Melinda Bitterman, who had kids named Rodney, Megan, and Shelby. Ther's a girl named Bizzy, who babysits Zoe sometimes. And a guy named Kenny, who is Darryl's coworker and friend. The main thing I remember about the show is the voice actors. Bizzy was voiced by Nicole Sullivan. Kenny was voiced by Diedrich Bader. Rodney and Megan were voiced by Kath Soucie. Carl was voiced by Joel Murray. Wanda was voiced by Julia Sweeney, whom I knew from Saturday Night Live. Anyway, the show itself was just sort of okay. Oh, and checking Retro Junk has reminded me that the theme was "It's All Been Done" by Barenaked Ladies, which is cool.
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The Drinky Crow Show (CGI)
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Um. So in 2007 I guess this one time adult swim had a night where they showed a bunch of pilots for different things that might become series. This was one of them. I don't remember it, really, but I don't think I was impressed with it. But then more than a year later, it did in fact become a series, and I watched it. In spite of the fact that I never really liked it, I couldn't stop myself from watching every episode. I dunno why.

Anyway, there's this crow named Drinky Crow, who's almost constantly drunk. And his best friend is this monkey named Uncle Gabby, who also drinks a fair amount, and who is mostly interested in getting women to have sex with him. Drinky isn't so interested in that. There's a bird named Phoebe with whom he has an on-again, off-again relationship, and I guess he sort of loves her. But he seems to score with other women maybe even more often than Gabby, in spite of being far less interested in such things. But he's also depressed most of the time and often kills himself, usually by shooting himself in the head. But somehow it's never permanent. Also, the two of them are sailors on a ship, and I think Gabby would like to have sex with the Captain's Daughter. And sometimes they're at war with a French alligator. But a lot of the time they're not even on the ship or working. The show is basically just sex and violence and surrealism and meta humor. And usually it's not even that funny. Like I said, I have no idea why I kept watching it. (Though it might be because the show has a kind of old fashioned cartoon vibe that I vaguely appreciated.) But at least it's short, the episodes are just like 11 minutes long, so whatevs, y'know? Oh yeah, and I kind of like the theme song, which Wikipedia tells me is by They Might Be Giants, so... that's cool, I guess.

Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law
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Birdman used to be a superhero, you know, but now he's a lawyer. (Like how Space Ghost became a talk show host.) He defends characters from old cartoons, or whatever. Also it seems like random wacky stuff happens sometimes. Oh, and his bird, Avenger, is like his secretary or something. And he has a paralegal named Peanut. And a weird boss named Phil Ken Sebben. And some old villains or whatever are also now judges or lawyers. I dunno what else to say. It's all kind of bizarre. I guess it ran for four seasons, but I didn't watch it much, if at all, in the end. Eventually someone called Birdgirl joined the show, but that was around the time I stopped watching... which I regretted because I wouldn't have minded seeing more of her, but by that time I just felt like the show was getting too annoying, or whatever. But in the early days of Adult Swim, it was a fun show. Never one of my favorites, but it was okay for awhile. There were later a couple of spinoff series I never got a chance to see.

Lucy, the Daughter of the Devil (CGI)
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Originally a 15-minute special that aired on Adult Swim the night before Halloween in 2005, it was supposed to become a series... which it finally did, two years later. It lasted a single season. The Devil was voiced by H. Jon Benjamin, Lucy by Melissa Bardin Galsky, and the show was created by Loren Bouchard. The Devil wanted Lucy to fulfill her destiny as the Anti-Christ, but she was more interested in living a normal lifestyle for a 21-year-old woman. And she started dating a DJ named Jesús, who was the second coming of Jesus... who, like Lucy, seemed to have little interest in the whole destiny thing. Meanwhile, the Vatican had sent a team of two priests and a nun (the main one was also voiced by Benjamin) to destroy Lucy, or whatever. I dunno, I don't remember the show well, and I never got that into it, but it was sort of okay.

Robot Chicken
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This was co-created by Seth Green (of whose acting I'm a fan) and Matthew Senreich. It's a stop-motion/claymation show that parodies all kinds of pop culture stuff. I've actually watched very little of it. I guess I always thought it was okay, but it just didn't interest me enough to watch on a regular basis. Though I did enjoy its Star Wars specials. (And I enjoyed an allusion to that by Chris Griffin, who is voiced by Seth Green, on Family Guy, when that show did one of its own Star Wars parodies.)

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This is a really weird, trippy, crazy show full of extreme over-the-top violence. It's about this jail called Superjail, on a remote volcanic island. It was created by this crazy genius called the Warden, who's kinda like a cross between Elton John and Willy Wonka. On acid. In addition to creating Superjail and all its defenses and weapons and all kinds of weird stuff, he also created a robot called Jailbot, which doesn't talk but it can fly and has all kinds of internal weapons and whatnot. There's also a guy named Jared who is like the second in command of Superjail, but he doesn't get any respect from anyone, and he's constantly stressed out. And the chief of security is Alice, who's very violent and masculine. She thinks of herself as attractive though the only man who's interested in her is the Warden, but she's not interested in him. There's also lots of prisoners though the only one of consequence is Jacknife. He doesn't talk, but every episode starts with him committing some crime and then being apprehended by Jailbot, who flies him back to Superjail. (I have no idea how he keeps escaping.) There are also a pair of strange, mysterious twins, who seem to be aliens or something. They just observe everything that happens in Superjail for their own amusement, and sometimes instigate trouble, also for their amusement. And they, like, teleport away whenever they feel like it. Not really sure what else to say. Just lots of weirdness and violence and plots that don't appear to even try to make much sense. And for the most part I don't find it all that funny. Still, I kept watching it because it's sort of interesting, I guess. Or whatever. And because, you know, Adult Swim.

Tom Goes to the Mayor
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The show had its amusing moments, but mostly I found it weird and kinda stupid (and not weird or stupid in particularly good ways, usually). The show is barely animated; the characters are like sketches that don't move much, drawn over a fully drawn and colored background. There's this guy named Tom Peters, who has ideas, and takes them to the Mayor of Jefferton, who is just nuts, and it seems like he just doesn't even listen to Tom, but gets Tom to think his own (the Mayor's) ideas were his (Tom's), and ropes him into presenting his idea to the town council. They seem a bit saner than the Mayor, but tend to go along with these insane ideas in the end. Well, sometimes Tom gets to do his own stuff, but it's usually only slightly less stupid than the Mayor's ideas. Anyway, Tom usually has a great deal of trouble getting things done, but somehow he does. Sort of. Whether working on his own ideas or the Mayor's, it never really works out very well. He's kind of lucky if it all doesn't end in a ton of deaths, actually.

I should also say that Tom is married to a woman named Joy, who has some kids from a previous marriage. She is really fat (practically bedridden) and ugly and has this really horrible, screechy voice and constantly nags and screams at Tom and orders him around and seems to completely hate him. Yet he seems to love her and tries to do whatever she says, for her and her kids (who also show him no respect). Honestly, I can see very little humor in any of this, and little reason to watch the show other than schadenfreude, which has never appealed to me, anyway. So basically I just watched because itw as on Adult Swim. Oh, I should also mention there are some live-action segments interspersed with the sketchy animation. Mostly this consists of a married TV news team, Jan and Wayne Skylar (played by Tim and Eric, who created the show and also voice Tom and the Mayor).

One thing I can say in the show's favor, it seems to make its humor both subtle and way over-the-top at the exact same time, which I think is rather a neat trick. Anyway, I feel a bit guilty about not liking the show more than I do. Though that may be because everyone at a board I go to thinks it's quite good. Not that we always agree on shows and stuff, anyway. Still, I don't totally dislike the show, or else I wouldn't keep watching it. Anyway, there's definitely worse stuff on Adult Swim. And, that's about all I can think to say.

The Xtacles
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This was a spin-off of Frisky Dingo, which aired several months after that show ended. There were only two episodes made, so I sort of almost feel like calling them specials... but I guess they weren't. The show just got cancelled really quickly. Anyway, I don't remember it well, but maybe sometime I'll watch the show again and say more about it.

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