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What It's Like Being Alone (claymation), on CBC (Canada)
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This aired for 13 episodes in summer of 2006, but I probably didn't manage to see more than a few eps. It was really weird and dark (it kinda reminded me of The Oblongs, but weirder and darker). It's about a bunch of freaky orphans who live at the Gurney Orphanage. My favorite character would have to be this rather depressed, sort of gothic girl named Aldous, who kinda reminds me of Creepy Susie from the Oblongs. Then there's Sammy Fishboy, who's... well, a fishboy. He drinks a lot and is in love with a mermaid figurine named Isabella. And there's a genius named Brian Brain, who has a weird head and three eyes. And Princess Lucy, a really annoying and self-centered sort of blob-girl or something, who's always eating everything, especially this one lollipop she carries around all the time. She kinda reminds me of Helga from the Oblongs. And there's a guy named Armie, who has one arm and no legs. And Charlie is a boy who's on fire. Seymour Talkless is a mute cyclops who plays violin. Beasley & Byron are like a psychotic two-headed baby or something. Anyway, the show is just weird and twisted and something kids probably shouldn't watch. But it's mildly amusing, I guess. I don't think it's very good, but I guess I sort of enjoyed seeing a bit of it. And maybe someday I'd like to see the whole series.

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