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The Wizard, on CBS
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There was this little person, Simon McKay (David Rappaport), who was this genius inventor, who used to work for the government, making weapons and such, I guess, but he retired to start his own business as a toymaker. But some enemies wanted to kill him, so the government assigned this agent named Alex Jagger (Douglas Barr) to look after him. And Simon kept dragging Alex into these various wild adventures and stuff. And he'd make all kinds of cool (if weird or silly) gadgets and things that would come in handy on those adventures, or just in everyday life.

What else can I say? Simon had a teenage assistant, I believe. And like a housekeeper or something, named Tillie Russell. And in the first episode there was this woman named D'arcy, played by Cheryl McFadden (who would later go by Gates McFadden). Oh, and once Simon built a robot a lot like Johnny Five from "Short Circuit." Plus Simon had this old enemy called Troyan (Roy Dotrice), who showed up occasionally. It was probably my favorite show at the time that it aired (as Simon would say, "Wonderful, marvelous!"), though it didn't last long, and now I don't remember it as clearly as I'd like to. But I'd definitely love to see it again, someday.

As for deciding what category put my review in, I'd say it was kind of quirky, and definitely funny, and it bordered on both science fiction and camp, though I'm not sure it ever quite moved completely into those areas. It was rather fantastic, to be sure, but sufficiently grounded in something resembling reality that I wouldn't really want to call it fantasy, either. So I guess "action/adventure" suits it best... but I have to repeat that it's quirky, quasi-fantastic adventure.

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