tek's rating: , maybe two and a quarter, I dunno

Teen Beach 2, on Disney Channel
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This is the sequel to Teen Beach Movie. It came out in 2015, but I didn't see it until 2022, during my summer of beach movies. Although I don't quite think of it as a beach movie. I'll be honest, for most of the movie I thought I would end up rating it less than two smileys. Hell, I even thought I might rate it less than one smiley. But I never really disliked it, some bits were good, and I loved how it ended. (Near the end, I briefly thought I hated it, but that turned around big time.)

Okay. So the first movie ended with a scene that did not happen the same way in this movie, but I'm willing to overlook that. The sequel begins with Mack and Brady enjoying their time together. But that changes when school starts the next day. Each of them reconnects with a friend, neither of whom are of great importance to the story. There's also another guy who shares Mack's interests, and Brady gets jealous of him (even though he's more of a potential romantic interest for Mack's friend). Eventually, Mack and Brady sort of break up. But then Lela and Tanner show up, and Lela is particularly interested in "finding herself", in this new, modern world. Tanner begins to worry that he's not enough for Lela. Mack and Brady have to work together to try to convince Lela and Tanner to go home. Meanwhile, back in the "Wet Side Story" movie world, the surfers and bikers have no idea what to do now that the stars of the movie are gone, and people start just disappearing. So they decide to try to find Lela and Tanner and bring them home. And... I don't want to spoil anything else about the plot.

Well, the songs were all fun. And there's a major change at the end of the movie that, as I said, I loved. And I continue to like the bit of feminism that the franchise presents. And... I don't know what else to say. For the most part it's not a great movie, but I feel like if I ever watched it again (which I almost certainly won't), I might enjoy the whole thing more than I did the first time. But it still wouldn't be as good as the first movie.

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