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Kim Possible Movie: So the Drama, on Disney Channel
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This aired in 2005, in the middle of season three of Kim Possible. (The title is a reference to one of Kim's catchphrases, "So not the drama".) It was meant to be the series finale. However, several episodes aired after this, which were set prior to the movie. Also, a fourth season was later ordered, which was set after the movie. I watched it again in 2024 to write a review. I thought the movie was pretty cool, probably better than the average episode of the show (which is always awesome), though I still rated it lower than I did the show overall, just because... well, because there's more to the show overall than there is to any one movie or episode, I guess.

Anyway, prom is coming up, and Bonnie is getting in Kim's head about not having a date for the event. Meanwhile, Dr. Drakken is busy enacting his best-laid plan for world domination, like, ever. Seriously, he's thought this out more than he usually does. Then, Ron meets a new guy at school named Eric (voiced by Ricky Ullman, from Phil of the Future, though I failed to recognize his voice). Ron likes Eric at first, but after Eric starts dating Kim, Ron gets jealous of him, despite Kim doing her best to assure him nothing would change between them. And... I guess I don't want to spoil any more details. Except something happens at the end of the movie that alters Kim and Ron's relationship in a good way. And of course they ultimately defeat Drakken and Shego, but I really did enjoy Drakken's plan, and the fact that he nearly succeeded. And if this had been the series finale, I would have been totally happy with it. (But I'm still glad we got one more season.)

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