Why we exist:

Unlike some other pokémon rights groups, we at LEAF SNAP realize that pokémon are not merely mistreated "pets." They are sentient, intelligent beings. They have their own languages; even if we can't understand them, they understand each other with as much depth and complexity as do humans. With effort, pokémon can even learn to speak human languages! I have even heard of rare instances in which human trainers have learned to understand their pokémon's speech.

Also, their emotions are more than just simple, instinctual animal emotions; but rather a full range of "human" emotions, too. They also each have their own clearly defined personalities, feelings, thoughts and opinions.

How can we allow the continued subjugation and abject slavery of intelligent beings? I say, in good conscience we cannot. However, LEAF SNAP is and always shall be an entirely non-militant group. Frustrating as it may sometimes be, the only way to effect real change is through peaceful means. Therefore, this site exists for the free dissemination of information; the sharing of thoughts, ideas, questions, and hopes. Our ultimate hope is that someday pokémon will be universally recognized as intelligent, and granted equal rights which should be enjoyed by all sentient races, human or otherwise.

Note: Team Plasma began operations in Unova in 2010, roughly nine years after LEAF SNAP came into existence. While their professed goals sounded similar to ours, we have always condemned their actions, particularly after learning their true intentions.

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(There used to be more links, but some have become inactive, including my own blog and forum. I should also mention that after discovering this Pokemon Liberation Front, I changed the name of my group to SNAP.)

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