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Film noir is a cinematic genre in which I've always had some interest, though unfortunately I haven't seen too many examples of it. (I definitely need to remedy that, someday.) Meanwhile, there have been any number of parodies of and homages to the genre that I have seen, so I want to make a list of all the ones I can recall. (TV Tropes helped with that, and of course they have tons of examples I've never seen, some of which I hope to see someday, and some I never will. There are also doubtless noir episodes that aren't included on the TV Tropes list.) But this page isn't for movies that parody the genre (those should be found in the film noir section of my movie reviews). Rather, this page is for parodies in other media; mainly individual episodes of normally non-noir TV or web series, though other things like radio or comics may also be included. Also note that the noir parts of some things on this page may be entire episodes, while other items on the list may include one or more noir scenes, but not a whole episode of noir.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (TV)
Season 7: Out of the Past (Amazon; A.V. Club; IMDb; TV Tropes; Wikia; Wikipedia)

Calvin and Hobbes (comic strip)
Tracer Bullet (One of Calvin's imagined alter egos.)

Cars Toons (TV & DVD)
Season 2: Mater Private Eye (Cars Wiki; Disney+; IMDb; Pixar Wiki)

Castle (TV)
Season 4: The Blue Butterfly (Amazon; A.V. Club; IMDb; Wikia)

Community (TV)
I feel like this series has done noir scenes in more than one episode, but I need to watch it again someday, to refresh my memory. For now here's what I'm sure of:
Season 3: Competitive Ecology (Amazon; A.V. Club; IMDb; TV Tropes; Wikia; Wikipedia)

Dan Vs. (TV)
Season 2: The Catburglar (Amazon; Hulu; IMDb; Wikia)

Echo Chamber (web)
Season 2: Noir Episode (IMDb; ShareTV; TV Tropes; YouTube)

The Fairly OddParents (TV)
Season 3: Where's Wanda? (Amazon; IMDb; Wikia) I don't actually remember if I saw this, but I feel like I might have.

Garfield specials (TV)
Babes and Bullets (Originally a segment in a book called "Garfield: His 9 Lives." I don't remember if I saw the special, but I'd certainly like to.)

Girl Meets World (TV)
Season 2: Girl Meets Fish (Amazon; Disney+; IMDb; Wikia)

Gotham Girls (web)
Season 2: Gotham Noir (DCAU Wiki; IMDb)

Maya & Marty (TV)
Season 1: Burt Cassidy, Gay Detective (IMDb) This was one of the sketches in Episode 6.

Monk (TV)
Season 5: Mr. Monk and the Leper (Amazon; IMDb; Wikia)

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (TV)
Season 5: Rarity Investigates! (Amazon; IMDb; TV Tropes; Wikia)

Newsbroke (web)
2016: Francesca Surveils Muslims (YouTube)

Phineas and Ferb (TV)
Season 2: Finding Mary McGuffin (Amazon; IMDb; Wikia)

Pinky and the Brain (TV)
Season 3: Brain Noir (IMDb) I probably didn't see this, but I'd like to.

A Prairie Home Companion (radio)
Guy Noir, Private Eye (Wikipedia) A recurring sketch.

Quantum Leap (TV)
Season 1: Play It Again, Seymour (Amazon; IMDb; Wikia)

Recess (TV)
Season 2: The Girl Was Trouble (IMDb; Wikia) I probably never saw this, but I'd like to.

RocketJump: The Show (web)
Season 1: Tip Jar (IMDb; YouTube)

Smallville (TV)
Season 6: Noir (Amazon; IMDb; TV Tropes; Wikia)

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (TV)
Season 2: Necessary Evil (Amazon; A.V. Club; IMDb; Memory Alpha; TV Tropes; Wikipedia)

Star Trek: The Next Generation (TV)
Season 1: The Big Goodbye (Amazon; A.V. Club; IMDb; Memory Alpha; TV Tropes; Wikipedia)

The Venture Bros. (TV)
Season 4: Everybody Comes to Hank's (Amazon; A.V. Club; IMDb; TV Tropes; Wikia) I must have seen this, but I don't really remember it.

Video Game High School (web)
Season 3: Nobody Cool Goes to Prom (IMDb; YouTube)

Warehouse 13 (TV)
Season 4: The Big Snag (Amazon; IMDb; Wikia)

What If...? (web)
Season 2: What If... Nebula Joined the Nova Corps? (IMDb; MCU Wiki; TV Tropes)

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