Tropes, Genres, and Character Types in Pop Culture

First let me say that the purpose of this section of my site is not to list every type of genre, trope, or character. It's just for a few specific things, most of them pretty random, which are kind of on my radar. Probably the first thing of this type that I made a page for was "Geek Girls." After that, over the course of a few years, I occasionally made pages for other random things, before I eventually decided to tie them together into a sort of category. A category of random things. Things from pop culture. Even then, I didn't immediately start this section, but just put links to the different pages at the bottom of each page. But eventually I did start this section (and therefore got rid of the links that previously tied the pages together), and that meant I'd have to move my various pages here. Which, you know... it's kind of a hassle. But it's what I do.

Anyway... here are the pages. Enjoy.

Badass Women (and Girls) in Pop Culture
Creepy Kids in Pop Culture
Escape Rooms in Pop Culture
Geek Girls in Pop Culture
Goth Girls In Pop Culture
Holiday Parody Episodes
Imaginary Friends in Pop Culture
Krampus in Pop Culture
Mid-Atlantic Accents in Pop Culture
Musical transposition
Noir episodes
Precocious Kids in Pop Culture
Puppets in Pop Culture