The Music Exchange is facebook group that I started in August 2010. Any member is free to post music videos or other music-related things in the group, though I end up being the one who does most of the posting there. (I'll put other people's first name and last initial next to anything they posted on facebook, on the lists I make here.) Most of the songs that get posted are fairly new, like released the same year they're posted. But some may also be old favorites, or old things that the poster has just discovered. Anyway, in 2017 I started making YouTube playlists for each year of the Exchange's existence. (Though not every video posted in the Exchange is necessarily on YouTube... if I or anyone else posts something from a different site, I'll search for it on YouTube, and usually can find a copy there. But if not... well, then I guess it'll be exclusive to the facebook group.) Also sometimes people don't name a specific song, just a musical artist, so... it's hard to know what to do with that. But it's cool. And now, in 2018, I've decided to start a page on my website with links to each specific playlist on YouTube, also listing everything that's on it (as well as anything posted on facebook that isn't on the playlists). Mainly I'm doing this because sometimes videos get deleted, and I don't want to have to scroll back through years of posts on facebook to figure out what's gone, so I can look for a replacement. (I'll list release years next to song titles if they came out more than a year before being posted on the Exchange.)

Note: I am liberal. A very small percentage of the videos I include on the Exchange will be about issues that might be considered political in some way, and they will be on the side of liberalism. Most of the videos will just be about the music, with no political aspect whatsoever. But if you watch my playlists and come across something that offends you... you've been warned. End of discussion.

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