Unlimited Questions

This is a page where you can ask me questions about myself, and I'll answer them. Isn't that exciting?! Well, nobuddy's asked anything yet. But that's okay, I've already asked myself a bunch of questions for you. And answered them. And I do occasionally come up with other questions. So, read on, and get to know me better... if you dare!!!

these are a few of my favorite things...

"Hey, tek... who or what is or are your favorite...

1. Douglas Adams 2. Isaac Asimov

...awards show?"
The MTV Movie Awards. Other awards shows mostly suck, but the MTV Movie Awards show always kicks ass.

I don't know. Maybe all five books in the Hitchhiker's Guide trilogy are my favorite book.

1. grey 2. green 3. purple (though to an extent this depends on my mood, or some other vagary I probably couldn't name. Definitely grey or green, though).

Oh, so many. (But I used to say this one.)

...foreign countries?"
Ireland and Japan. And Canada, I guess. But mostly Ireland and Japan. Oh yeah. Theoretically, of course; I never get to travel.

...game show?"
Win Ben Stein's Money, but I also like Beat the Geeks.

...genre of anything?"
Sci-fi, I guess.

Halloween. Or maybe All Hallows Eve. Or maybe Samhain. It's kinda hard to choose.

Normally I say Autumn, but like colors, it depends somewhat on my mood and whatnot. I also totally love Summer. And I adore Spring after a long Winter, though there's always faux Spring that lasts a day or a week, here and there, and then Winter reasserts itself and pisses me off... Not that I hate Winter, because it has its good points, too. But it greatly overstays its welcome. So in Winter my favorite season is Spring or Summer, but overall, yeah, I gotta say Autumn. Pretty much.

...kind of ice cream?"
Heavenly Hash, I think, although of course I like others alot, too. I can't comprehend how anyone can dislike any brand or flavor of ice cream, it's all good.

...kind of lollipop?"
Well, probably this one from E. Rosen Company's Strip o Pops, where the lollipops are all white with different colors swirled in. I also really like Alien Pops, and wish I could get me one of them alien head buckets the stores keep them in.

...kind of sandwich?"
Peanut butter, horseradish sauce, cheese, and pickles on potato bread.

...kind of tic tacs?"
Still orange. Although they make some good new ones.

...kind of tree?"
I'm thinking probably birch.

Probably "The Incredibles."

Probably Gonzo.

...punctuation mark?"
I guess I'd have to say the ellipsis...

...short story?"
Evolving Conspiracy, by Roger MacBride Allen.

...snack food?"
Probably taquitos.

...song ever?"
Well, I love too many to really choose from, but one that usually comes to mind is "Pure" by the Lightning Seeds.

...source of news?"
The Daily Show.

...Star Trek planet?"

...Star Trek series?"
Deep Space Nine.

...Star Wars movie?"
Impossible to say, but maybe Return of the Jedi. Actually, I think the original trilogy is my favorite Star Wars movie.

...thing in the entire universe?"
I'd say probably anime.

...TV show ever?"
Probably "Avatar: The Last Airbender." But see also my list of favorite shows ever.

...kind of tea?"
While I like all sorts of tea, my favorite is probably cherry green tea.

other, non-favorite type questions

"Do you believe in the theory about odd and even numbered Star Trek movies?"
Beyond a shadow of a doubt; but I do like them all, anyway.

"What languages would you like to learn someday?"
I'd like to learn, but probably never will: Irish, Latin, Japanese, Klingon...

"Which do you prefer, Pop Tarts or Toaster Strudels?"
Pop Tarts, definitely.

"Which do you prefer, sugar cone or waffle cone?"
Waffle, of course. Not that I have anything against sugar cones. Edit: I recently discovered that what I had heretofore assumed were sugar cones were in fact cake cones. There are two different kinds of cones, waffle and sugar, both of which look like waffle cones to me, except sugar seems to be brown instead of beige. Whatever, I don't particularly differentiate between the two, but still, my question here becomes... wrong. Still, I'd rather write up all this exposition rather than just try to rephrase the question, mostly because I have no idea how to answer the question if I changed it. Sigh.

"Who's your favorite Doctor (Who)?"
Duh, Tom Baker. Any other answer is wrong. We're not talking about a matter of opinion, here. ...But second favorite is opinion. My second favorite Doctor is Sylvester McCoy. Although the newer ones are good, too.

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