Social Justice Memes

There can be a lot of crossover between memes that are about social justice and those that are political in nature. So, there are several headings I have in each section that I just about as easily could have included in the other section. The heading "politics/parties" obviously belongs in the political memes section, though perhaps somewhat ironically, I decided the heading "political correctness" was a better fit in the social justice section. Other headings in the SJ section that can be political in nature include "abortion", "activism", and... well, to some extent, all the headings. Some that I put in the political section that can involve social justice include "immigration", "police", and again, all the headings. Note: I moved "classism" to a new page.

memes that might need some (pop cultural) context:

"36 white male protagonists": This is a screenshot from Harry Potter; though oddly enough, for a long time I thought it was from "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory". (I didn't make it.)

"Being a reindeer is okay": This is obviously a reference to Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. (I didn't make it.)

"Getting along": This one is a screenshot from Willy Wonka (which is a popular meme format). I made it one day because of a disagreement I was having with my oldest friend. He was upset about my making the meme as a result of our conversation, and said something about how I could just unfriend him. Which I did. That was a really bad day for me. But I stand behind the meme.

"Scooby-Doo": I think this one is self-explanatory. (I didn't make it.)

"Mr. Rogers & Officer Clemmons": This is about an episode of Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood. (I didn't make it.)

"Nonviolence": And one of my favorite memes from Wokémon (which has lots of good memes). It uses a picture of Geodude, who is a Pokemon. (I didn't make it.)

"PC BS": This is one I made using a popular meme format from the movie "Office Space", which I haven't seen.

"Snowflake/Cryogonal": This is one I made using a pic of an ice-type Pokemon called Cryogonal.

"Muslims condemn terrorism": I made this using a popular meme format from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

"Anne Travers": This is from the Doctor Who episode "The Web of Fear." (I didn't make it.)

"Nevertheless, she regenerated": This is about the 13th Doctor, which also paraphrases a line about Elizabeth Warren. (I didn't make it.)

"Sex is like boxing": This is a quote by John Oliver on Last Week Tonight. (I didn't make it.)