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Asylum seekers
Emotionally Weak Bigots
Getting Along
Muslims Condemn Terrorism
New Preachers

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36 White Male Protagonists
Being a Reindeer Is Okay
Desirable traits
Diverse representation
"Forced diversity"
Friendship is not flirting
Games as Art
Jesus was radical
Jokes/Violence Pyramid
The Metal Rules
Never feeling unsafe
Nobody Said...
Peace for the oppressor
Respect (person/authority)
Subset of Star Wars fans
x Pride is not...

Assuming one is against police...
Civil disobedience
Contemporary oppression
Free speech absolutism
Hate Doesn't Breed Hate
I Don't Hate...
Liberal snowflakes
Making charity a crime
The Paradox of Tolerance
PC is not sugarcoating
That's My Opinion!
Triangular Hole

$10,000/hr vs $15/hr
Billionaires (4167 years)
Billionaires (afraid)
Corporate tax cuts
Impossible to save money
Lattes vs. yachts (fewer)
Minimum Wage (724 years)
Minimum wage (simple facts)
Money can't buy happiness
Profit is only for the rich

LGBTQ antagonism
Gay Pride
Straight Pride

Centrists (cliff)
Centrists (doxxing)
Defense vs. college
Drain the Swamp
Elections are important
"Far left" courtesy
Export arms/import refugees
"Go back where you came from"
Gun ownership
Healthcare tax
"I'm hungry" (comic)
Is America ready?
Just not into politics
Nazi or Proud American
Patriotism vs. nationalism
People not to trust
Reasons Trump is a bad president
Reevaluate your views
Regulations written in blood
Seeking asylum is legal
Would step over my corpse for a tax break

racism / xenophobia
AAVE (you a bitch)
African-American timeline
America is so racist that...
European immigrants
Privilege to Learn About Racism
Racial Incident Bingo
Telling me I'm obsessed with talking about racism...
That's America
What's Your American Heritage?
White privilege
White Supremacy Pyramid

Anne Travers
Believe women
Catcalling is not a compliment
Dial it down
George R.R. Martin
Mansplaining flow chart
Matrilineal movie
Nevertheless She Regenerated
No trophy for normal
Patriarchy vs. Feminism
Rape Confession
Rape Prevention Tips
Rape stats 1
Rape stats 2
Sex Is Like Boxing...
She's Someone
This Is a Person
Toy Gender Guide