Atom Bomb

baby got an atom bomb. a twenty-two megatons. baby got a poison gas. baby got a heart attacks. baby got a pain on tap. baby give me some of that. give me some of that. give me some of that. baby got a Nobel prize. given for the perfect crime. baby got an alibi. baby got a eight more lives. baby got a purple hair. baby got a secret lair. baby got an army there. i ain't never seen baby scared. baby got a satellite. baby got a second sight. baby got a master plan. a fool-proof master plan. baby got a crystal ball. baby doesn't care at all. baby's having too much fun. baby got an atom bomb. baby got a fleet at sea. she got a submarine. called emergency. she got a motorcade. she got a monorail. going coast to coast on a campaign trail. they can pick off cars. in an armored car. she got a kung-fu stars as a body guard. she got a choo choo chum. she got a magic spells. she got a genie. all three is workin' well. she got a tv shows. she got a shoppety mall. she got a miracle. she doesn't want at all. she got a monument. at a great expense. she got a head of state. and a president. she got destiny. she got supremacy. she got everything ever from a to z. she got it all damn tight. she got nothing wrong. she got the whole wide world singin' baby song.