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So... I've got pages for my thoughts on racism and sexism, and on each of those pages I had lists of links to articles or videos about those issues. But I finally decided to move those links to a page specifically for links. That saved space on the other pages, as well as giving me a place to include links about issues other than just racism and sexism. However, even that page started getting too long, so I eventually broke it up into a few separate pages for different social justice issues. (It's possible some of the issues on this page will also eventually get their own pages, if the lists of links get long enough.)

See also SJW links: racism and sexism, organizations & causes, and social justice memes
(Also note that some of the articles I link to on this page may be mostly about a specific issue like sexism or racism, but I try to include things here instead of on those pages if I see much of any intersectionality in it at all. Then again, there are undoubtedly some things I link to on either the racism or sexism pages instead of here, even if they do have a bit of intersectionality in them.)

Please note, this is mostly just stuff I've seen shared on facebook or learned of elsewhere, starting in May 2014. As such, these links barely scratch the surface of the subjects they address. There is much more research you or I or anyone can do on these subjects, which is beyond the present scope and purpose of this page. (Also note that links I add to this page may include articles, videos, etc., which were made long before I first saw them.) Some of the links I share here will be negative (showing society's problems), others will be positive (showing ways society is changing for the better and/or offering advice on how to help change society and ourselves).

TW/CN: some of the sites linked to from this page will talk about traumatic issues.

intersectional issues & guidelines for discussion/debate

3 Things To Consider When Choosing Between Calling Someone Out Or Calling Them In
5 Helpful Answers To Society's Most Uncomfortable Questions
5 Tips for Being an Ally (video)
5 Tips For Better Inclusion in Tabletop Games
5 Ways Powerful People Trick You Into Hating Protesters
6 Awful Things That Happen When We Think 'Good' People Can’t Be Rapists or Abusers
6 Signs Your Call-Out Isn’t Actually About Accountability
7 Things People Who Say They're 'Fiscally Conservative But Socially Liberal' Don't Understand
9 Ways We Can Make Social Justice Movements Less Elitist and More Accessible
20 empowering children's books that celebrate diversity and social justice.
The Black Feminist’s Guide to the Racist Sh*t That Too Many White Feminists Say
Breaking Down the Problem with Mansplaining (And Other Forms of Privileged Explaining)
The Counted: People killed by police in the US
Day 1 in Trump’s America
Excommunicate Me from the Church of Social Justice
How to Apologize When You Get Called Out (video)
If you've never heard of the gender pay gap, watch Corporate America get schooled on it by 4 kids. (video)
No, It's Not Your Opinion. You're Just Wrong.
No, We Won’t Calm Down – Tone Policing Is Just Another Way to Protect Privilege (comic)
A Note on Call-Out Culture
On Wyatt Cenac, 'Key & Peele,' And Being The Only One In The Room
Privilege 101: A Quick and Dirty Guide
Privilege Gives Us Bad Instincts, By Design
Progress Never Just Happens— We Must Always Fight For It
The psychology behind the unfunny consequences of racist and sexist jokes
Sad Puppies Review Books (satire)
So You Call Yourself an Ally: 10 Things All 'Allies' Need To Know
Sexy Lamp Test
Social Justice Bard
Sometimes Allies Are Bad Actors
Straight White Male: The Lowest Difficulty Setting There Is
Tabletop Gaming has a White Male Terrorism Problem
This adorable cartoon explains privilege in the most nonconfrontational way possible (video)
This artist brilliantly tackles the concept of 'being offended' in a colorful comic. (comic)
What Is Privilege?
What “Taking the Country back” means for the rest of us.
When A Woman Deletes A Man’s Comment Online
White Men Don’t Own Nerd Culture, And I’m Not Stealing It
Why Progressives Should Stop Using Violent Rhetoric
Why Straight White Dudes Don't Get Offended as Often as Normal People Do
Why Women Are So Angry with Sanders
Words for Cutting: Why We Need to Stop Abusing "The Tone Argument"
Yes, there is a free speech crisis. But its victims are not white men
You're not going to believe what I'm about to tell you (comic)

anti-PC / anti-liberalism

6 Ways Critics Of Political Correctness Have It Backwards
“Hypocrisy” is Often Just Tribalism
An Insider's View: The Dark Rigidity of Fundamentalist Rural America
Intolerant Liberals
Populist correctness: the new PC culture of Trump's America and Brexit Britain
Two Questions About Trump and Republicans that Stump Progressives
What Gamergate should have taught us about the 'alt-right'
What You’re Saying When You Use the Phrase “Politically Correct”

classism & income inequality

7 Lies About Welfare That Many People Believe Are Fact
Class Warfare (this is something I wrote)
Gulf Between Richest And Poorest Is Wider Than Previously Thought, Oxfam Says
Our Political Economy Is Designed to Create Poverty and Inequality
The Pencilsword: On a plate (comic)
Reaganomics killed America’s middle class
The Secret Shame of Middle-Class Americans
‘Tax The Rich’ – A Fairy Tale Narrated By Ed Asner (w/video)
We are the most unequal society in the developed world: As bad as you think income inequality is, it’s so much worse
Wealth Inequality in America (video) 11-26-17
Why are Republicans so cruel to the poor? Paul Ryan’s profound hypocrisy stands for a deeper problem
Why do we think poor people are poor because of their own bad choices?

homophobia & transphobia

11 Ways To Be A Trans* Ally, According To Transgender People Themselves
Beyond XX and XY: The Extraordinary Complexity of Sex Determination
Christian Disney Mom Plagued By Mere Existence Of Gay People Can’t Do Anything Anymore
Christian Group Admits To Sending Men Into Women’s Bathrooms To Scare You Into Hating Trans People
Even Hate Crimes Against Us Are Punchlines. What Do Straight People Expect?
Gay marriage in the year 100 AD
A gut-wrenching PSA shows a gay teen's final texts before saying goodbye. (w/video)
High School Students Celebrate "Anti-Gay" Day
How the FDA Bitch Slapped Every Gay and Bisexual Man in America
If I Have Gay Children: 4 Promises from a Christian Parent
The imaginary predator in America's transgender bathroom war
The invention of 'heterosexuality'
Last Week Tonight: Transgender Rights (video)
Outrage culture changed the world: “PC” critics are wrong — marriage equality happened because activists used shame and rage
There are 6 Scriptures about homosexuality in the Bible. Here's what they really say.


5 Myths About Love, Sex, and Relationships That Stop Us From Accepting Polyamory
5 Myths About Polyamory
5 Radical Ways People Do Non-Monogamy That You Need to Know About (comic)
15 Comments Polyamorous People Are Tired of Getting
Even Christians Are Rethinking Monogamy
Non-Monogamy chart
Polyamory Resources and Guidelines

religious intolerance

6 Quran Quotes That Teach Love, Tolerance and Freedom of Religion
10 Great Prophet Muhammad Quotes on Christians
America Isn’t Growing Hostile Towards Christians, It’s Growing Hostile Towards Religious Bullies.
Americans should learn what 'jihad' really means. Uproar over a recent speech shows why. (w/video)
Did You Know That Jihad Is In The Bible?
Five myths about sharia
Irving imam, who has denounced extremism, threatened in ISIS videos
It's not just Trump: Islamophobia in America is spiraling out of control
Love Thy Neighbor?
Muslims Condemn
My 4-year-old was told not to say, 'Happy holidays.' Here's how I responded.
Remember this comic the next time you witness Islamophobia in public. (w/comic)
The silly American fear of sharia law
Terrorism and Jihad in Islam
A troll demanded a Muslim man show examples of 'Christian terrorists.' He delivered.
Why Don't Muslims Speak Out Against Terrorism? (video)

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