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Wachs, Caitlin
I know her from Profiler; and Phantom of the Megaplex; and Inspector Gadget 2; and Family Affair; and Commander in Chief.

Wade, Jenny
I know her from Reaper; and The Good Guys; and an episode of Magnum P.I. It'd be nice to see more of her work. Walger, Sonya
I know her from FlashForward, and The Librarian: Quest for the Spear, and Lost, a bit of Parenthood, and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and an ep of Elementary. Walker, Ally
I know her from Profiler; and Ghosted; and a minor role in Singles. I wish I knew her from more than that. Walker, Polly
First of all I want to say that sometimes when I see this name, I confuse it with Molly Parker. Now, let's see, what do I know Polly Walker from? There's
Caprica; and several eps of Warehouse 13; and Emma; and... probably some guest roles I've forgotten. Walsh, Brigid See Brannagh, Brigid; actresses B

Wanamaker, Zoë
I know her from
My Family; and a couple episodes of Doctor Who; and Gormenghast; and The Magical Legend of the Leprechauns; and Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone; and possibly some other stuff.

Ward, Megan
Mainly I guess I remember her from Dark Skies, that was cool. And I think I saw Joe's Apartment, though I didn't like that so well, I think. I don't remember it well. And that's pretty much all I remember her from, but I wouldn't mind seeing her in some other stuff. Waters, Dina see Dina Spybey

Watros, Cynthia
I know her from
Guiding Light; and Titus; and Lost; and Video Game High School.

Watson, Emma
I know her from the
Harry Potter movies; and The Perks of Being a Wallflower; and Beauty and the Beast; and... I'd like to see more of her work. Watts, Naomi
I know her from
Tank Girl; and I Heart Huckabees; and The Ring; and King Kong; and Birdman; and... well, I'd like to see more of her work. Weaver, Sigourney
I know her from the
Alien movies; and the Ghostbusters movies; and Galaxy Quest; and Avatar; and Heartbreakers; and a brief role in The Cabin in the Woods; and A Monster Calls; and Paul; and voice work in Finding Dory. Weil, Liza
I only know her from
Gilmore Girls, but I like her pretty well in that, and would quite like to see her in some other stuff sometime. Weisz, Rachel
I know her from
The Mummy; and Constantine; and Definitely, Maybe; and The Lovely Bones. Welch, Raquel
I know her from
One Million Years B.C.; and Fantastic Voyage; and Central Park West; and a minor role in Legally Blonde; and probably other things I've forgotten. Wells, Dawn
Liked her on Gilligan's Island, of course. It should be noted, for the record, that the correct answer to the question "Ginger or Mary Ann?" is "Mary Ann." ...Incidentally, she voiced both Ginger and Mary Ann on Gilligan's Planet. Wen, Ming-Na
I know her from
The Single Guy; and several eps of Eureka; and Agents of SHIELD; and a minor role in Push; and Fresh off the Boat (a minor role in one season 3 episode and a different role in season 5); and an episode of Mandalorian; and an episode of Storytime with...; and some voice work. Whalley, Joanne
I suppose I saw her in the miniseries Scarlett, though I don't remember it well. Also there was
A Christmas Carol. But mainly I know her from Willow. And I'd like to see more of her work. Wickham, Saskia
I'm slightly familiar with her from the miniseries Clarissa, and I liked her in it, though I don't think I saw the whole thing. I'm not sure I've seen her in anything else, but I suppose I'd sort of like to. Wiest, Dianne
I know her from
The Lost Boys; and Edward Scissorhands; and The 10th Kingdom; and Dan in Real Life; and Footloose; and she voiced Lydia Copperbottom in Robots. And I'm sure I've seen her in some other things that I don't clearly remember. Williams, Maisie
I just know her from a few episodes of
Doctor Who. But she's one of the reasons I hope to see Game of Thrones someday. And I'm sure I'd like to see more of her work. Williams, Olivia
I know her from
The Sixth Sense; and Dollhouse; and Manhattan; and An Education; and Hanna; and Peter Pan. Williams-Paisley, Kimberly
I know her from
Relativity; and The 10th Kingdom; and How to Eat Fried Worms; and Nashville. And there was According to Jim, which I didn't really watch or care for, but I couldn't help seeing a bit of it because my sister watched it. Wilson, Sheree J.
Well, I rather liked her on Dallas for awhile, so I was therefore glad to see her in Walker, Texas Ranger. I'd probably be interested in seeing her in other stuff. Winslet, Kate
I know her from
Titanic; and Little Children; and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind; and Finding Neverland. I've probably seen her in some other stuff I just don't really remember... Winstead, Mary Elizabeth
I know her from Wolf Lake, and
Monster Island, and Death Proof, and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, and BrainDead. Winter, Ariel
I know her from
Speed Racer; and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang; and Modern Family; and a series of Dora the Explorer parody shorts on College Humor. Also some voice work. Witherspoon, Reese
I know her from
Man in the Moon; and Legally Blonde; and Cruel Intentions; and Pleasantville; and Election; and Vanity Fair; and Inherent Vice. And she voiced Susan/Ginormica in Monsters vs Aliens. Witt, Alicia
I know her from
Cybill; and Cecil B. Demented; and Urban Legend; and an episode of Lore. I'd like to see more of her work. Wood, Evan Rachel
I know her from
Little Secrets; and several episodes of True Blood; and voice work in Battle for Terra. Wood, Natalie
I really liked her in
Miracle on 34th Street, but I'd also really like to see her in some of her later roles. Woodard, Alfre
I know her from
Scrooged; and Star Trek: First Contact; and Mumford; and Desperate Housewives; and A Wrinkle in Time (2004); and a minor role in Captain America: Civil War; and voice work in John Henry. And probably some things I've forgotten. Woods, Barbara Alyn
I liked her in Honey I Shrunk the Kids: The TV Show. It'd be nice to see her in some other stuff. Wright, Robin (aka Robin Wright Penn, 1996-2009)
I know her from
The Princess Bride; and Forrest Gump; and Hounddog; and Unbreakable; and Beowulf... Wu, Constance
I know her from
Fresh off the Boat; and the short film Death. And IMDb lists some things I've seen, but don't remember her from (so I should rewatch them sometime). And she's done other stuff I want to see. Wührer, Kari
I know her from Sliders; and she voiced Silver Banshee in Batman Unlimited: Monster Mayhem. I've probably seen her in some things that I don't remember. Yasbeck, Amy
I know her from
The Mask and Wings and Life on a Stick. Oh, maybe an episode of The Cosby Show. Yeoh, Michelle
I know her from
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon; and Memoirs of a Geisha; and The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. I'd definitely like to see more of her work... Zamprogna, Gema
I quite liked her in Road to Avonlea. Can't think of anything else I may have seen her in, but I'd like to see more of her work. Zehetner, Nora
I know her from
Heroes; and Princess; and an episode of Warehouse 13; and an ep of Gortimer Gibbon's Life on Normal Street. It'd be nice to see more of her work. Zellweger, Renée
Well, there was Nurse Betty, which I don't think I cared for, but then I don't remember it well. But I also know her from
Empire Records; and Chicago; and Bridget Jones's Diary; and White Oleander; and New in Town; and Jerry Maguire. She had a minor, but amusing role in Monsters vs Aliens. Zeta-Jones, Catherine
I liked her in The Mask of Zorro, and I want to see its sequel. Oh yeah, I saw her in The Terminal, which I thought was okay. And Chicago was good. And of course there were all those T-Mobile ads. Anyway, I definitely want to see more of her work. Zhang Ziyi
I know her from
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon; and Memoirs of a Geisha; and House of Flying Daggers. And she voiced Karai in TMNT. Zima, Madeline
I know her from
The Nanny; and a few episodes of Heroes; and an episode of My Boys; and A Cinderella Story; and an ep of Grimm; and Betas. And she voiced Maud in A Monster in Paris.
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