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Sagal, Katey
I know her from a couple episodes of Lost; an episode of Glee; an ep of Brooklyn Nine-Nine; an ep of The Big Bang Theory; and Dirty Dancing (2017); maybe a few other live-action things. But mainly I know her for voicing Leela on Futurama.

Saldana, Zoe
I know her from Star Trek; and Avatar; and Pirates of the Caribbean; and Guardians of the Galaxy; and a minor role in Get Over It; and voice work in The Book of Life; and My Little Pony: The Movie. Samuels, Skyler
I know her from Scream Queens; and The DUFF; and The Gifted. San Giacomo, Laura
I know her from Just Shoot Me; and Quigley Down Under; and she voiced Fox on Gargoyles. Sara, Mia
I know her from
Ferris Bueller's Day Off; and Birds of Prey; and I think that's pretty much all I've seen her in. Sarandon, Susan
I know her from
The Rocky Horror Picture Show; and Stepmom; and Speed Racer; and Enchanted; and The Lovely Bones; and Anywhere but Here; and Ace the Case; and Thelma & Louise. Saunders, Jennifer
I quite liked her in Absolutely Fabulous. And voice work in Shrek 2, and Coraline. I've probably seen her in some other stuff, I dunno. Sawalha, Julia
I know her from
Absolutely Fabulous; and Martin Chuzzlewit; and The Curse of the Fatal Death. I'd certainly like to see more of her work. Scagliotti, Allison
I know her from
Warehouse 13; and an ep of Smallville; and an ep of Fresh off the Boat. Also Read It and Weep, though I don't remember her from that. Schaal, Kristen
She was the Green Fairy in
Snake 'n' Bacon; I also know her from 30 Rock; and The Daily Show; and When in Rome; and The Muppets; and an episode of Glee; and The Last Man on Earth (though I only watched a few eps of that); and Cirque du Freak; and an episode of Corporate. Also she's done some voice work. Schaeffer, Rebecca
Liked her on My Sister Sam, though I don't remember it well. Then a stalker killed her. I fucking hate stalkers. Sellecca, Connie
I know her from
The Greatest American Hero; and the TV movie Turn Back the Clock; and P.S.I. Luv U; and Second Chances; and Anna's Dream. Seyfried, Amanda
I probably first saw her in a recurring (flashback) role on
Veronica Mars. I also know her from Mean Girls; and Jennifer's Body; and Red Riding Hood; and In Time; and a minor role in Pan; and voice work in Epic. Seymour, Jane
I know her from
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman; and Somewhere in Time; and several episodes of Smallville; and Wedding Crashers; and an ep of How I Met Your Mother; and an ep of Ben and Kate. And probably other stuff. Shahi, Sarah
I know her from
Fairly Legal; and an ep of Psych; and an ep of Pitch; and Reverie. Sharma, Rekha
There was John Doe, the reimagined Battlestar Galactica, several eps of Dark Angel, the reimagined V, an episode of Supernatural, season 2 of The 100. Maybe other stuff, I dunno. Shaw, Lindsey
I know her from
Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide; and Aliens in America; and 10 Things I Hate About You (the TV series); and a few eps of Suburgatory. Shawkat, Alia
I know her from
State of Grace; and Arrested Development; and Bart Got a Room; and Not Like Everyone Else; and a small role in Ruby Sparks; and I watched some of the series Search Party (I meant to watch the whole season, but somehow several episodes got deleted from the DVR); and Green Room; and City Girl; and the Funny or Die short Rugrats. Shepherd, Cybill
I know her from
Moonlighting; and Cybill; and a few eps of Psych. I've probably seen her in some other stuff, but I'd really like to see some more. Shepherd, Sherri
I know her from
Everybody Loves Raymond; and 30 Rock; and the final season of How I Met Your Mother; and Trial & Error; and probably some things I've forgotten. Sher, Eden
I know her from
Sons & Daughters; and The Middle; and a minor role in the Veronica Mars movie; and a couple of Target commercials for Christmas 2013. And I'd like to see more of her work. Shields, Brooke
She was alright in The Blue Lagoon and Suddenly Susan, I guess. And she voiced Carol Ferris in Justice League: The New Frontier. And I feel like I must have seen her in other stuff, but maybe I haven't. I'm sure she's done other things I'd like to see, though. Shue, Elisabeth
I know her vaguely from The Karate Kid and
Back to the Future II and III, but mainly from Adventures in Babysitting. I quite liked her in that. And she was okay in Dreamer, and Hide and Seek. Silverstone, Alicia
I know her from The Crush; and
Clueless; and Batman & Robin; and True Crime; and Blast From the Past; and Scooby-Doo 2; and several eps of Suburgatory. Simmons, Shadia
I know her from
The Color of Friendship; and Strange Days at Blake Holsey High; and Zenon: The Zequel; and Life With Derek; and other stuff I guess. I saw her in a a couple episodes of The Zack Files, and apparently she was in some more eps that I haven't had a chance to see, but I'd like to. Sircar, Tiya
I know her from
The Good Place; and Alex, Inc.; and an episode of Betas; and she voices Sabine Wren in Star Wars: Forces of Destiny (and Star Wars Rebels, but I haven't had a chance to see that yet). Sirtis, Marina
I know her from
Star Trek: The Next Generation; and an episode of The Orville. She also voiced Demona on Gargoyles. Skye, Ione
I know her from
Say Anything...; and a couple eps of Arrested Development; and short films Kitty; and Monsters; and I've probably seen her in some other things that I don't remember. In any event, I'd certainly like to see more of her work. Slater, Helen
I know her from the movie
Supergirl; and a couple episodes of Smallville; an episode of Supernatural; an episode of Caper; a few episodes of the series Supergirl; and some voice work in Batman: The Animated Series; and Martha Kent in the DC Super Hero Girls franchise (Super Hero High and Hero of the Year). Smart, Jean
I know her from
Designing Women; and a few episodes of Frasier; and a few episodes of Hawaii Five-0; and a minor role in Garden State; and I must've seen a bit of her other live-action work, but I'm more interested in her for her voice work. Smith, Shawnee
I liked her in Becker. And in Who's Harry Crumb, which I don't recall well. Smith, Yeardley
Mainly of course I think of her for her voice work on The Simpsons. But I also know some of her live-action work. I remember her from one story of "Mathnet" on Square One TV; and I vaguely recall seeing a bit of Herman's Head; and she was in several eps of Dharma & Greg; and a couple eps of Phil of the Future; and an ep of Fresh off the Boat. And I've probably seen her in some other stuff. Snow, Brittany
I know her from
American Dreams; and Finding Amanda; and a couple eps of Ben and Kate; and Hairspray. And she voiced Shizuku in Whisper of the Heart. Sobieski, Leelee
I know her from Jungle 2 Jungle; and
Joy Ride; and The Glass House; and Hercules; and Joan of Arc. Sofer, Rena
I know her from
The Chronicle, and a few eps of Heroes, and an episode of Once Upon a Time. Song, Brenda
I know her from
Get a Clue; and Stuck in the Suburbs; and Phil of the Future; and Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior; and The Ultimate Christmas Present; and a couple eps of New Girl; and The Social Network; and Angry Angel. I also want to mention that, while I never really watched The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, I saw bits of it now and then, and she was perhaps my favorite part of the show. She's also done some voice work, including Chloe in Pixie Hollow Games. Sorvino, Mira
I know her from
Swans Crossing; and The Buccaneers; and the final season of Psych; and a couple eps of Modern Family. Sossamon, Shannyn
I know her from
A Knight's Tale; and Wayward Pines; and Sleepy Hollow (season 3); and voice work in Over the Garden Wall. Spiro, Jordana
I liked her a lot in My Boys. I'm afraid that's all I really know her from, though of course I wouldn't mind seeing some of her other work sometime. Spybey, Dina (aka Dina Waters)
I liked her on Remember WENN, which is one of my favorite shows ever. Also liked her on Greg the Bunny. It'd be nice to see more of her work sometime. Staite, Jewel
I know her from
Flash Forward; and a recurring role on Honey I Shrunk the Kids: The TV Show; and Firefly and its spin-off movie, Serenity; and an an episode of Dead Like Me; an episode of Warehouse 13; an episode of Supernatural (playing a kitsune named Amy Pond!); an episode of Castle; an episode of Take Two. And watching this old Canadian show The Odyssey on DVD, I got to see her in a couple eps, which was a pleasant surprise. Steenburgen, Mary
I know her from
Time After Time; and Back to the Future Part III; and Joan of Arcadia; and Ink; and a few eps of 30 Rock; and Turkey Hollow. Stevenson, Cynthia
I loved her on
Bob. And I also liked her in Hope & Gloria, and Agent Cody Banks, and Dead Like Me, and a few episodes of Life Unexpected, and I Love You, Beth Cooper, and a very small role in Jennifer's Body, and an episode of Sleepy Hollow. Stewart, Kristen
I know her from
Panic Room; and Catch That Kid; and Zathura; and Adventureland; and The Runaways; and Snow White & the Huntsman; and a very minor role in Jumper; and Twilight movies. Stiles, Julia
I know her from
10 Things I Hate About You; and Mona Lisa Smile; and a small role in Silver Linings Playbook. Stone, Emma
I guess I saw her in
Drive, though I don't remember her (or much of anything) from that. Same for Superbad. The first thing I do remember her from is Zombieland. There are also the Amazing Spider-Man movies; and an episode of Maya & Marty; and Birdman; and voice work in The Croods. Stoner, Alyson
I mainly think of her from Mike's Super Short Show segments on Disney Channel. But I've also seen her guest star in a number of shows (mostly also on Disney Channel, I think), as well as doing some voice work. Strassman, Marcia
I always rather enjoyed her on Welcome Back, Kotter. Also it was nice to see her in the movie Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. Streep, Meryl
I know her from Death Becomes Her; and The River Wild; and
A Series of Unfortunate Events; and A Prairie Home Companion; and Into the Woods; and Mary Poppins Returns; and voice work in The Ant Bully. I definitely need to see more of her work. Sullivan, Nicole
I know her from
Mad TV; and a recurring role on Blackish; and an episode of Gortimer Gibbon's Life on Normal Street. I also saw a bit of King of Queens and Rita Rocks (just because my sister watched them). But mainly I'm a fan of her voice work. Sullivan, Susan
I know her from
Dharma & Greg; and Castle; and an episode of The Real O'Neals. And she voiced Queen Hippolyta in several eps of Justice League. Suvari, Mena
I know her from
Loser; and American Pie; and American Beauty; and a couple eps of American Horror Story: Murder House. Also voice work in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. Swanson, Kristy
I mainly know her from the movie
Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but there was also Mr. Boogedy, and a recurring role on Psych, and maybe some things I've forgotten. Swinton, Tilda
I know her from Orlando; and
The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe; and The Beach; and Constantine; and a small role in Moonrise Kingdom; and dual roles in Hail, Caesar!; and a minor (and unrecognizable) role in The Grand Budapest Hotel; and Doctor Strange.
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