actresses Q-R

Quinn, Molly C.
I know her from Castle; and Avalon High; and an episode of Princess Rap Battles; and an episode of The InBetween.

Rabe, Lily
I know her from The Whispers; and AHS: Murder House (and Asylum, and Coven). Ramos, Sarah
I know her from American Dreams; and the very short-lived Runaway; and Parenthood; and Midnight, Texas; and City Girl; and the Funny or Die short Rugrats. Rauch, Melissa
I like her on The Big Bang Theory. Reckon it'd be nice to see more of her work. Reed, Donna
I haven't seen much of The Donna Reed Show, and I think the only other thing I know her for is
It's a Wonderful Life, which is one of my favorite movies, and she's good in both those things. So I should probably see more of the show, and some of her other work... Reeser, Autumn
I know her from
The O.C.; and No Ordinary Family; and Last Resort; and Nature of the Beast; and a couple eps of Human Target; and Lost Boys: The Tribe; and a very small role on The Whispers; and Salvation. Remini, Leah
I know her from
Fired Up; and before that I'd seen her in probably lots of guest roles on various shows like Evening Shade; and Who's the Boss; etc. Probably some other stuff, I dunno. I've seen a bit of The King of Queens, but I don't really care for the show. Richards, Ariana
I know her from
Prancer; and Spaced Invaders; and Tremors (and Tremors 3); and Jurassic Park (and a minor role in The Lost World); and Ben Folds Five's Brick music video. Richards, Dakota Blue
I know her from
The Golden Compass; and The Secret of Moonacre. Hope to see more of her work... Richards, Denise
I know her from
Starship Troopers; and Wild Things. I'd like to see more of her work. Richardson, Miranda
I know her from
Blackadder; and Alice in Wonderland; and Sleepy Hollow; and The Phantom of the Opera; and a couple of Harry Potter movies; and Southland Tales; and Belle; and Good Omens; and probably some things I don't remember. Rickards, Emily Bett
I know her from
Arrow, and Brooklyn; and Paranormal Solutions Inc.; and I very much hope to see her in other things, someday. Rieffel, Lisa
I quite liked her in the one season of
Empty Nest she was in. Rigg, Diana
I know her primarily as the host of
Mystery!, but of course she was also Mrs. Peel on The Avengers. Unfortunately, I've never had a chance to see much of that series, but I certainly hope to, someday. Um, and there was The Worst Witch; and The Great Muppet Caper; and an episode of Doctor Who. Ringwald, Molly
I know her from
The Stand; and a minor role in Teaching Mrs. Tingle; and Pretty in Pink; and Sixteen Candles; and Molly: An American Girl on the Home Front. Ritter, Krysten
I know her from
Veronica Mars; and Don't Trust the B in Apt. 23; and Gilmore Girls; and Big Eyes; and Jessica Jones; and voice work in an episode of The Cleveland Show. Probably saw her in some other stuff I don't remember, and I'm sure it'd be nice to see more of her work. Robb, AnnaSophia
I know her from
Samantha: An American Girl Holiday; and Charlie & The Chocolate Factory; and Because of Winn-Dixie; and Bridge to Terabithia; and The Reaping; and The Way Way Back; and a relatively minor role in Jumper; and Race to Witch Mountain; and the Funny or Die short Sofia Coppola's Little Mermaid. Roberts, Emma
I tried watching Unfabulous, but while I thought Emma was okay, I couldn't really get into the show. But I know her from
Nancy Drew; and It's Kind of a Funny Story; and Scream Queens; and the Funny or Die short The Girl with the Tramp Stamp Tattoo; and Scream 4; and AHS: Coven. Roberts, Julia
Well, there was Pretty Woman, of course. And
Mona Lisa Smile, and Hook, and Fireflies in the Garden, and Mary Reilly, and Mirror Mirror. She voiced Hova in The Ant Bully and the title character in the 2006 remake of Charlotte's Web. Robertson, Britt
I know her from
Life Unexpected; and The Secret Circle; and Avalon High; and Under the Dome; and Dan in Real Life; and Tomorrowland; and For the People; and a minor role in Scream 4; and Books of Blood. Robinson, Zuleikha
I know her from
The Lone Gunmen; and Lost; and a few eps of Once Upon a Time in Wonderland; and Still Star-Crossed; and an episode of Salvation. Rodriguez, Michelle
I know her from
Lost; and The Fast and the Furious; and Avatar; and Resident Evil. And she did a voice on IGPX. Rogers, Mimi
I know her from the first
Austin Powers movie; and Lost in Space; and a recurring role on The X-Files for awhile; and there was The Loop, but I think I only watched one or two eps of that. I feel like I must've seen her in other stuff, but no doubt I haven't seen as much as I feel like I have. So, I guess I should see more of her work sometime, maybe. Röhm, Elisabeth
I know her from
Bull; and Angel; and a few eps of Heroes; and an ep of Masters of Science Fiction; and American Hustle; and a small role in Wish Upon. Romano, Christy Carlson
I know her from
Even Stevens; and a TV movie called Campus Confidential (which I don't remember well at all); and a small role in Henry Fool; and voice work in Kim Possible. And as herself in Christy's Kitchen Throwback; and an episode of Storytime with...; and I Hear Voices. Romijn, Rebecca
I know her from the
X-Men movies, and a few eps of Just Shoot Me, and Eastwick. Ronan, Saoirse
I know her from
Atonement; and City of Ember; and Hanna; and I Could Never Be Your Woman; and The Lovely Bones; and The Grand Budapest Hotel; and How I Live Now; and Violet & Daisy; and Brooklyn. Rossellini, Isabella
I know her from Blue Velvet; and
Earthsea; and I think I saw a bit of Napoleon; and an episode of The Blacklist. And she voiced Ambassador Selick in Incredibles 2. And I've surely seen her in things I've forgotten. Rossum, Emmy
I know her from
The Phantom of the Opera; and Dragonball Evolution; and Beautiful Creatures. Rubinstein, Zelda
I know her from
Picket Fences; and Teen Witch; and Southland Tales; and Poltergeist. And probably some stuff I don't recall. Rudolph, Maya
I must have seen some of her work on
Saturday Night Live, though I don't remember how often I watched during her time on the show. There's also A Prairie Home Companion; and The Way Way Back; and The Maya Rudolph Show; and Maya & Marty; and a couple eps of Brooklyn Nine-Nine; and a couple eps of The Good Place; and Disenchanted; and some voice work. Plus a Best Buy commercial. Russell, Keri
I know her from
Honey, I Blew Up the Kid; and Running Wilde; and Waitress; and an unrecognizable role in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. And she voiced Diana in Wonder Woman. Rutherford, Kelly
I know her from
The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.; and Kindred: The Embraced; and a brief scene in Scream 3. Ryan, Jeri
I mainly know her from
Star Trek: Voyager. Also, I barely remember her at all from Dark Skies, but I'd like to see that show again someday. And there was Dracula 2000, and a few eps of The O.C. in the third season, and an episode of Psych, and a couple eps of Warehouse 13, and an ep of Arrow. Ryan, Meg
I know her from
Top Gun; and I.Q.; and City of Angels; and Sleepless in Seattle; and an episode of Charles in Charge; and When Harry Met Sally.... Also, she voiced the title character in Anastasia. And I've surely seen her in some things I don't remember so well. Ryan, Michelle
I think the first thing I saw her in was
Jekyll. Liked her in that. Then there was Bionic Woman, but I didn't watch more than a couple episodes of that. Then there was Mansfield Park, which was alright (though now I don't remember it really). Liked her in Doctor Who: Planet of the Dead. And I expect I'd like to see more of her work sometime. Ryder, Winona
I know her from
Beetlejuice; and Heathers; and Edward Scissorhands; and Mermaids; and Girl, Interrupted; and Welcome Home, Roxy Carmichael; and Bram Stoker's Dracula; and Reality Bites; and as Amanda Grayson in the reboot of the Star Trek movie franchise; and A Scanner Darkly; and Alien Resurrection; and Stranger Things; and Little Women. And voice work as Elsa in Frankenweenie. I've probably seen her in some other stuff, too.
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