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Agutter, Jenny
I might have seen Walkabout on late night TV once, but I sort of doubt it. I remember hearing her mentioned on the British series Coupling once as a punchline, or actually a central figure of a bit of a conversation between some characters. But I was never big into that show. Nevertheless, just having her name in my head sort of makes me want to see her work someday. Oh, I did eventually see her in The Buccaneers, but that's not really enough for me to move her off this page. She also had minor roles in a couple of MCU movies, apparently.

Allain, Valerie
I only really know her from French in Action, a show I used to occasionally watch a bit of. It was to teach the French language, but I never learned anything from it. I really basically just watched it for her... But anyway, I'd like to see her in some other stuff, proper acting roles, y'know? Also I'd like to find more links for her. Baker, Josephine
One of the movies' earliest sex symbols or whatever, I've never really seen her in anything, but she's still really cool, what with pushing boundaries, back in the day... Bardot, Brigitte
I don't think I've ever seen her in anything, but she's a classic actress and one of the great sex symbols of all time, so I should definitely see some of her stuff sometime. Charisse, Cyd
I may have seen her in something, I'm not sure. Oh yeah, she was in Janet Jackon's "Alright" music video. Anyway, she's another classic actress I'd like to see more of. Gurwitch, Annabelle
Quite liked her as cohost of Dinner & a Movie on TBS, though I didn't really watch it that much. I may have seen her guest in some other stuff, actual acting. I'm not sure. But I'd surely like to see more of her work sometime. Hepburn, Audrey
A classic actress whose work I'm ashamed to say I'm not very familiar with, but I'd definitely like to see alot of it someday. I did see Breakfast at Tiffany's, but I'm afraid I didn't really like it, though that's not her fault, by any means. Judd, Ashley
One of those actresses who I simultaneously have a sense that I should know alot about and who I don't think I've seen in much at all, for some reason. But I also have a sense of quite liking her, so I really want to familiarize myself with her work. King, Vanessa
She was in an episode of The Odyssey, the TV movie Liar, Liar, an episode of So Weird, several eps of Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. And I've always wanted to see Edgemont largely because of her, but... I don't feel like I'm familiar enough with her work to put her on a regular page. Kitaen, Tawny
I feel like I've seen her in stuff. I suppose I must've seen some of the Hercules TV movies or whatever, but I don't really remember. I'd like to see them again sometime. And maybe some of her other work. Loren, Sophia
One of the great, classic sex symbols of the movies, and she's supposed to be a great actress, too, I guess... so I suppose someday I should probably see some of her work, I dunno. Maughan, Sharon
I liked her in the long-running series of Taster's Choice commercials, but I'm afraid that's all I know her from. It'd probably be nice to see some other work sometime. Monroe, Marilyn
I don't think I've actually seen any of her movies, but I certainly should someday. She's a classic actress, and the classic sex symbol of all times. Not like the sexiest woman ever, but still... pretty darn sexy. And, you know, it's just traditional to think of her that way. I guess. Perrette, Pauley
I haven't really seen her in anything, except articles about NCIS, which I've never watched, but I've always been a bit tempted to just because she's in it, and she's awful cute, plus I get the impression I'd like her character. But it's hard for me to start watching something I haven't been watching since the beginning, and it's probably usually on against other stuff I already watch, anyway. Still, I'd like to see her work someday, whether I watch reruns of this show sometime, or something else, whatever. ...I did eventually see her in a very small role in The Ring, though I didn't recognize her and only realized it was her when I saw the end credits. Selverstone, Katy
I remember in the early 90s liking her in MCI's "Gramercy Press" commercials. I've probably seen her in some other stuff, but I don't really remember. I'd surely like to see more of her work. Taylor, Elizabeth
I'm sure I must have seen some of her movies, but I don't remember them well or much care about them. Still, there are definitely some of her movies I haven't seen, and fully intend to, eventually. Williams, Esther
I don't think I've seen any of her work, but she's a classic actress, and like the greatest swimming actress, if such a thing can be qualified or anything...
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