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LaBeouf, Shia
I know him from Even Stevens; and Holes (a movie which is not at all memorable to me); and Tru Confessions; and Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle; and Constantine; and the Transformers movies; and a very minor role in I, Robot; and he voiced Cody in Surf's Up; and Asbel in Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind.

Labine, Tyler
I know him from an episode of
The Odyssey, and Dead Last, and Invasion, and That Was Then (which only lasted one episode, if I recall), and an episode or two of Jake 2.0, and a bit of Boston Legal, and Reaper, and Sons of Tucson, and Mad Love, and Deadbeat, and a very small role in an episode of The X-Files (season 10). LaMarr, Phil
As far as live-action work is concerned, I mainly know him from
Mad TV; but there's also a minor role in Pulp Fiction; and a few eps of Castle; and an ep of The Real O'Neals; and an ep of Lucifer; and probably some other things. But I mostly know him for voice work. Lander, David L.
I know him from
Laverne & Shirley; and small roles in A League of Their Own; and Zoom: Academy for Superheroes; and Scary Movie; and some voice work. Lane, Nathan
I know him for a recurring role on
Modern Family; and Mirror Mirror; and The Nutcracker in 3D; and Swing Vote. And surely I must have seen some of his other live-action work, but mostly I know him for voice acting. Larroquette, John
I know him from
Night Court; and The John Larroquette Show; and The 10th Kingdom; and an episode of Almost Human; and a cameo in Demon Knight; and an episode of Murphy Brown. And maybe some other stuff, I don't recall. Laurie, Hugh
I know him from
Blackadder; and maybe a bit of A Bit of Fry & Laurie; and Jeeves and Wooster; and The Borrowers; and House; and Tomorrowland. And he voiced the Easter Bunny in Hop; and and Dr. Cockroach in Monsters vs Aliens; and Roger in Treehouse of Horror XXI; and the gardener/grim reaper in The Canterville Ghost. Law, Jude
I know him from
Gattaca; and Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil; and The Talented Mr. Ripley; and I Heart Huckabees; and Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow; and The Aviator; and The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus; and the Sherlock Holmes movies; and The Grand Budapest Hotel; and Captain Marvel; and Hugo; and Peter Pan & Wendy. And voice work in A Series of Unfortunate Events; and Rise of the Guardians. Lea, Nicholas
I know him from
The X-Files; and Andromeda; and Kyle XY; and V (2009); and an episode of Supernatural; an episode of Once Upon a Time; a few eps of Arrow; an ep of The InBetween; and probably some other stuff. Ledger, Heath
I know him from
Roar; and 10 Things I Hate About You; and A Knight's Tale; and Casanova; and of course The Dark Knight; and The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. I also saw him in The Brothers Grimm, but somehow never managed to recognize him at all. I wasn't really into that movie, anyway. Lee, Christopher
I know him best from the
Lord of the Rings movies; and the Star Wars prequels. I sort of know him from a couple of Hammer films. There's also Gremlins 2; and Return from Witch Mountain; and Sleepy Hollow; and Gormenghast; and The Golden Compass; and Season of the Witch; and Dark Shadows; and Hugo; and some voice work. Leguizamo, John
I know him from
Super Mario Bros.; and Romeo + Juliet; and Moulin Rouge!; and The Happening; and Kick-Ass 2; and John Wick; and voice work in Titan A.E.; and Ice Age. Levine, Ted
I know him best from
Monk, but there's also The Silence of the Lambs; and Memoirs of a Geisha; and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom; and voice work in Superman and other DCAU series. And I've probably seen him in other things that I've forgotten. Levy, Eugene
I know him from
SCTV; and Bride of Boogedy; and an episode of The Ray Bradbury Theater; and Splash; and American Pie; and Greg the Bunny; and Josie and the Pussycats; and he voiced Charlie in Finding Dory. Lewis, Jeff
I mainly know him from
The Guild and his vlog and other stuff on Geek & Sundry (such as Werewolves), but I also occasionally see him pop up in small guest roles in various things (generally so small they're not even worth mentioning), or in commercials (such as Fueled by the Future). Also there was a very small role in Hail, Caesar!; and Monster Problems; and Chasing Molly. Li, Jet
I know him from The One; and
The Forbidden Kingdom; and The Expendables; and The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. And I feel like I shoulda seen more stuff, but I can't think of anything. I'm sure it'd be nice to see more of his work though. Lithgow, John
I know him from
3rd Rock From the Sun; and Footloose; and Harry and the Hendersons; and The Tuskegee Airmen; and a few episodes of How I Met Your Mother; and Interstellar; and Trial & Error; and Pet Sematary (2019); and I'm sure I've seen him in some things that I don't really remember. Also he's done some voice work, including Shrek and Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. Loggia, Robert
I know him from
Big; and Sunday Dinner; and Innocent Blood; and Independence Day; an episode of the re-imagined Hawaii Five-0; a memorable Minute Maid commercial; a minor role in the miniseries Joan of Arc; and voice work in Oliver & Company. Long, Justin
I know him from
Galaxy Quest; and Jeepers Creepers; and Herbie: Fully Loaded; and Waiting...; and Drag Me To Hell; and several episodes of New Girl; and voice work in Battle for Terra; and Planet 51. And of course, from a series of Mac commercials. Lovitz, Jon
I know him from
Saturday Night Live; and My Stepmother is an Alien; and A League of Their Own; and The Wedding Singer; and NewsRadio; and I Could Never Be Your Woman; and Southland Tales; a couple eps of New Girl; a very small role in Three Amigos; and some voice work.
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