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Hackett, Buddy
I know him from The Music Man; and Muscle Beach Party; and The Love Bug; and a minor role in Scrooged; and he voiced Scuttle in The Little Mermaid (and its sequel); and I must have seen him in some guest roles that I don't remember.

Haley, Jackie Earle
I know him from Watchmen; and Human Target; and Little Children; and Dark Shadows; and Shutter Island; and Preacher; and The Tick (Amazon series); and Alita: Battle Angel. Hall, Anthony Michael
I know him from Weird Science; and Sixteen Candles; and Edward Scissorhands; and The Dead Zone; and Warehouse 13; and a few eps of Psych; and an episode of Agents of SHIELD; and surely some minor roles I've forgotten in other shows or movies. Hanks, Colin
I know him from
Roswell; and Get Over It; and King Kong; and The Good Guys; and an episode of Ghost Ghirls; and What Lives Inside; and a minor role in Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. Hanks, Tom
I know him from few eps of
Family Ties; and Splash; and Bachelor Party; and The Money Pit; and Big; and Punchline (which I don't remember well); Turner & Hooch; and Joe Versus the Volcano (which I don't remember well); and The Bonfire of the Vanities; and The 'burbs; and A League of Their Own; and Sleepless in Seattle; and Forrest Gump; and Saving Private Ryan; and CastAway; and The Terminal; and Saving Mr. Banks; and That Thing You Do!; and Pinocchio; and voice work in the Toy Story movies; and The Polar Express. Also there's the Carly Rae Jepsen video I Really Like You. Hannah, John
I know him from
Four Weddings and a Funeral; and Sliding Doors; and The Mummy franchise; and Agents of SHIELD. Harrelson, Woody
I know him from
Cheers; and Indecent Proposal; and A Prairie Home Companion; and A Scanner Darkly; and Bunraku; and The Hunger Games; and Zombieland; and Solo: A Star Wars Story; and Natural Born Killers. Hartman, Phil
I know him from
Saturday Night Live; and NewsRadio; and Pee-wee's Playhouse; and Jingle All the Way; and a very small role in Three Amigos; and a minor role in So I Married an Axe Murderer; and I probably saw him in various other things I don't remember so well. Also he did various voice work. Hawke, Ethan
I know him for
Before Sunrise and its sequels; and Dead Poets Society; and Explorers; and Gattaca; and Mystery Date; and Reality Bites; and The Purge; and Moon Knight. Haysbert, Dennis
I know him from
Now & Again; and a ton of Allstate commercials; and a couple eps of Brooklyn Nine-Nine; and Reverie; and probably various voice work. Head, Anthony Stewart
I think I first saw him in a series of
Taster's Choice commercials, but I know him best from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. There was also an episode of Doctor Who; and a few eps of Warehouse 13; a brief appearance in Scoop; and Still Star-Crossed; and Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters; and voice work in The Infinite Quest. Hedaya, Dan
I know him from a recurring role on
Cheers; and Dick; and The Usual Suspects; and Pizza My Heart; and The Book of Daniel; and an episode of Monk; and The Addams Family; and A Life Less Ordinary; and Alien Resurrection; and probably things I've forgotten. Helberg, Simon
I know him from
The Big Bang Theory; and Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog; and an episode of The Guild; and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (though I don't really remember him from that); and A Cinderella Story. Hemsworth, Chris
I know him from a brief scene in
Star Trek; and the Thor and Avengers movies; and The Cabin in the Woods; and Snow White and the Huntsman; and Ghostbusters; and Men in Black International. Henley, Barry Shabaka
I know him from a couple episodes of
Johnny Bago; and Close to Home; and a few eps of Heroes; and FlashForward; and Carrie (2013); and Agents of SHIELD (season 6); and surely any number of other things I've forgotten. Henriksen, Lance
I know him from
Aliens; and Millennium; and The Quick and the Dead; and The X-Files; and Scream 3; and probably some things I don't remember. Also some voice work, including Kerchak in Tarzan; and Amon's lieutenant on The Legend of Korra. Herrmann, Edward
The first thing I think I saw him in was The North Avenue Irregulars. And of course there was
The Lost Boys, and Overboard, and The Cat's Meow, and Annie, though I know him best from Gilmore Girls. Also I saw him in an episode of Black Box (though I only watched a couple eps of that). Hiddleston, Tom
I know him from several MCU movie, starting with
Thor, as well as his own webseries, Loki; and The Hollow Crown; and Only Lovers Left Alive; and Crimson Peak; and voice work in The Pirate Fairy. Highmore, Freddie
I know him from
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory; and Finding Neverland; and Arthur and the Invisibles; and The Spiderwick Chronices; and Bates Motel; plus voice work in The Golden Compass; and Astro Boy; and The Canterville Ghost. Hildreth, Mark
I know him from
The Odyssey; and the reimagined series V; and a very minor role in an episode of Taken. I've probably seen him in some other stuff I don't remember. But he's also done some voice work. Hirsch, Judd
I know him best from
Taxi, but there's also Dear John; and Independence Day; and the pilot episode of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip; and an episode of Warehouse 13; and an ep of The Big Bang Theory; and A Beautiful Mind; and Hollywood Stargirl. Hong, James
Dude's been in about a million things, most of them before my time. And probably I've seen him in a bunch of guest roles so long ago that I couldn't possibly remember (and even some more recent stuff I don't remember). The first thing I do remember him from at all is one episode of
Seinfeld, I guess. There were also a few eps of The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.; and a minor (but important) role in Shanghai Kiss; and Blade Runner; and a minor role in Chinatown; and a major role in Big Trouble in Little China; and R.I.P.D.; and Genghis Khan Conquers the Moon; and Everything Everywhere All at Once; and a minor role in The Day the Earth Stood Still. Also some voice work. Hopkins, Anthony
I know him from
Freejack; and Bram Stoker's Dracula; and Thor; and Beowulf; and The Silence of the Lambs (though I didn't see that until 21 years after it came out); and The Road to Wellville; and he narrated The Grinch. Hoskins, Bob
I suppose I know him best from
Who Framed Roger Rabbit. But he also played Smee in two unrelated things inspired by Peter Pan: Hook and Neverland. And there were Mermaids; and Super Mario Bros.; and Vanity Fair; and Hollywoodland; and Doomsday; and Snow White and the Huntsman; and Son of the Mask; and Brazil. Howard, Kyle
I know him from
Run of the House; and My Boys; and Upside-Down Magic; and A Nasty Piece of Work. Hurt, John
I know him from I, Claudius; and
Alien; and The Storyteller; and a few Harry Potter movies; and Hellboy movies; and V for Vendetta; and an episode of Masters of Science Fiction; and Doctor Who; and Snowpiercer; and Only Lovers Left Alive; and some voice work. And I've probably seen or heard him in things I've forgotten. Ifans, Rhys
I know him from
Vanity Fair; and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows; and Anonymous; and Neverland; and The Amazing Spider-Man; and a recurring role on Elementary. Irons, Jeremy
I mainly know him as the voice of Scar from
The Lion King. There's also The Time Machine; and Dungeons & Dragons; and Henry IV; and Beautiful Creatures; and Watchmen; and Batman v Superman. And I've most likely seen some other stuff, I just can't recall... Isaacs, Jason
I know him from some
Harry Potter movies; and Capital City (a show I enjoyed years ago but wouldn't remember any of the actors from it now); and Peter Pan; and some voice work. And I've probably seen him in some other things that I don't remember... Ivanek, Željko
I know him from
Heroes; and School Ties; and The Event (though I quit watching that pretty early on); and season two of Revolution; and True Blood. And I must have seen him in some things that I don't remember.
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