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Eccleston, Christopher
I know him best from Doctor Who. There's also several episodes of Heroes. And possibly some things I've forgotten.

Elliott, Chris
I know him from Groundhog Day; and Cabin Boy; and There's Something About Mary; and Eagleheart; and one season of Saturday Night Live; and recurring roles on Everybody Loves Raymond; and How I Met Your Mother; and an ep of Community. And other stuff I've forgotten. Elwes, Cary
I know him from
The Princess Bride; and The Crush; and Bram Stoker's Dracula; and Ella Enchanted; and a few eps of Psych; and The Cat's Meow; and Comic Book Villains; and voice work in Whisper of the Heart. And maybe other stuff, I dunno. Englund, Robert
I know him from
A Nightmare on Elm Street; and the V miniseries; and Nightmare Cafe; and Urban Legend; and an ep of Supernatural; and a minor role in Hatchet. I've probably seen him in some other stuff I've forgotten, and heard some of his voice work. Fagerbakke, Bill
I know him from
Coach; and Under Wraps; and The Ultimate Christmas Present; and several eps of How I Met Your Mother; and some voice work. And I've surely seen (or heard) him in some things I don't remember him from. Feldman, Corey
Best... Corey... ever. Let's see, there's
Goonies; and Gremlins; and Stand By Me; and Lost Boys; and The 'burbs, and Dream a Little Dream; and Bordello of Blood, and Dweebs, an episode of Psych, and some voice work. Ferguson, Craig
I know him from
The Drew Carey Show; and a bit of his hosting of The Late Late Show; but I'm mainly interested in his voice work. Ferrell, Will
I know him from
Saturday Night Live; and the Austin Powers movies; and Elf; and Bewitched; and Land of the Lost; and Wedding Crashers; and a small role on an episode of 30 Rock (sort of); and Stranger than Fiction; and voice work in various things including The Oblongs; and Megamind; and The Lego Movie. Ferrer, Miguel
I know him from Blank Check; and Project ALF; and season eight of
Desperate Housewives; and a smallish role in Iron Man 3; and Broken Badges (though I don't remember anything specific about it). And I've probably seen him in a lot of other things. Also he voiced Shan Yu in Mulan; and Big Boss in Rio 2. Fierstein, Harvey
I know him from an episode of
Cheers; and Mrs. Doubtfire; and Hairspray Live; and voice work in Mulan; and probably things I've forgotten. Fishburne, Laurence
I know him from
Pee-wee's Playhouse; and The Tuskegee Airmen; and The Matrix movies; and Black-ish; and Roots (2016); and probably other stuff. Foley, Dave
I know him best from
Kids in the Hall and NewsRadio. There's also Blast from the Past, some voice work, and surely some other roles I've forgotten. Ford, Harrison
First and foremost is
Star Wars, obviously. And of course Indiana Jones. I also know him from Blade Runner; and Cowboys & Aliens; and probably some other things. See also Predatory Romance in Harrison Ford Movies. Foster, Ben
I know him from
Flash Forward, and I've Been Waiting For You, and Get Over It, and X-Men: The Last Stand. Frain, James
The first thing I specifically remember him from is
The Cape. Some things I don't specifically remember him from include The Buccaneers; and Invasion; and surely some guest roles in other things. But then there's a recurring role on Grimm; and Gotham; and season 7 of Elementary. And he's been in plenty of other things I hope to see someday. Fraser, Brendan
I know him from Encino Man; and
School Ties; and a small role in Now and Then; and Blast From the Past; and The Mummy; and Monkeybone; and Journey to the Center of the Earth; and Inkheart. Freeman, Martin
I know him from
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy; and Sherlock; and Captain America: Civil War; and voice work in The Pirates! Band of Misfits. And he's done other stuff I definitely want to see. Freeman, Morgan
I guess he was in
The Electric Company, which I used to watch when I was a little kid, but I wouldn't really have remembered him from that. But I know him from Driving Miss Daisy; and Glory; and The Bonfire of the Vanities; and Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves; and Bruce Almighty; and Batman Begins (and its sequels); and RED; and probably some other stuff... Friedle, Will
I know him from
Boy Meets World; and My Date With the President's Daughter; and some voice work/a>. Fry, Stephen
I know him from
Blackadder; and I must have seen a bit of A Bit of Fry and Laurie; and V for Vendetta; and Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows; and The Great Indoors; and probably other things I've forgotten. Also the voice of the Guide in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Fuller, Kurt
I know him from
Ghostbusters II; and Supernatural; and Psych; and an ep of Sons of Tucson; an ep of Glee; several eps of Desperate Housewives; and Parenthood; and The Bonfire of the Vanities; and The New Guy; and an ep of The Crazy Ones; and Maryellen 1955: Extraordinary Christmas; and Scary Movie; and Evil; and probably other stuff. Furst, Stephen
I mainly know him from
Babylon 5. There was also The Dream Team, and some voice work. Gad, Josh
I know him from
1600 Penn; and Wish I Was Here; and a few eps of New Girl; and Pixels; and Beauty and the Beast; and as the voice of Olaf in Frozen. Galecki, Johnny
I know him from
Roseanne; and I Know What You Did Last Summer; and a few eps of My Boys; and The Big Bang Theory; and a small role in In Time. Garber, Victor
I know him from
Titanic; and Legally Blonde; and Tuck Everlasting; and I must have seen at least one ep of Alias (I hope to see the whole series someday); and he was in several eps of The Flash; and several eps of The Orville. Also he voiced Sinestro in Green Lantern: First Flight; and Master Thundering Rhino in Kung Fu Panda 2; and his Flash character, Martin Stein, in Vixen. And undoubtedly I've seen him in other things that I've forgotten. Garner, James
I know him from The Rockford Files (I must have seen at least one TV movie based on the series); and
Maverick (the movie, not the series); and The Notebook; and The Ultimate Gift. Also voice work in God, the Devil and Bob; and Battle for Terra; and Atlantis: The Lost Empire. Garrett, Brad
I know him from
Everybody Loves Raymond; and The Crazy Ones; and Single Parents; and some voice work. Also a 2016 Christmas ad from Apple. Germann, Greg
I know him from
Ned & Stacey; and Ally McBeal; and The Sandlot 2; and the pilot episode of Eureka; and season 5.5 of Once Upon a Time; and a very small role in So I Married an Axe Murderer; and an ep of Brooklyn Nine-Nine; and voice work in Bolt. Giamatti, Paul
I know him from Big Fat Liar; and
The Truman Show; and Sideways; and Lady in the Water; and a minor role in The Amazing Spider-Man 2; and Saving Mr. Banks. And probably some other stuff that I don't really remember. Also some voice work. Gibson, Henry
I know him from
The 'burbs; and Switching Channels; and a minor, non-speaking appearance in Gremlins 2; and a recurring role on Boston Legal; and Luck of the Irish; and Wedding Crashers; and various voice work; and probably lots of things I've forgotten. Also I always thought it'd be cool to see Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In, but I never really have.... Glass, Ron
I mostly know him from Firefly and Serenity, though I also enjoyed his work on Teen Angel, I guess. And there was a minor role in a couple eps of Agents of SHIELD. I reckon I should see some more of his work. And it'd be nice to find more links for him, too. Glover, Donald
I know him from
Community; and a cameo in The Muppets; and a minor but cool role in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Also he has a music career under the name "Childish Gambino," and I must have seen one or two of his videos. Glover, John
I know him from
Scrooged; and Gremlins 2; and a minor role in Batman & Robin; and Brimstone; and Smallville; and an episode of Evil; and he voiced the Riddler in Batman: The Animated Series. And doubtless I've seen him other things that I've forgotten. Goldberg, Adam
I know him from
Double Rush; and Head Cases; and a few eps of Friends; and The Unusuals; and A Beautiful Mind; and an ep of Lore. And he voiced Raoul in A Monster in Paris (though I didn't recognize his voice). Goldblum, Jeff
I know him from Buckaroo Banzai; and an episode of
The Ray Bradbury Theater; and Fay Grim; and Independence Day; and Jurassic Park; and Transylvania 6-5000; and The Grand Budapest Hotel; and Thor: Ragnarok; and an episode of Storytime with... and probably some other stuff. He voiced Aaron in The Prince of Egypt. Goodman, John
Of course I know him first and foremost from
Roseanne. But there was also Sea of Love; and Matinee; and The Flintstones; and The Borrowers; and The Big Lebowski; several eps of Saturday Night Live; a couple eps of Now and Again; and O Brother Where Art Thou?; a couple eps of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip; Speed Racer; several eps of Community; and also some voice work. Gordon-Levitt, Joseph
The first thing I recall seeing him in was
3rd Rock From the Sun. There's also 10 Things I Hate About You; and (500) Days of Summer; and Inception; and The Dark Knight Rises; and Looper. Also he voiced Jim Hawkins in Treasure Planet. Gosselaar, Mark-Paul
I know him from
Saved by the Bell; and Commander in Chief; and an episode of Don't Trust the B---- in Apt. 23; and Pitch; and Mixed-ish. I also watched a few episodes of The Passage. Grammer, Kelsey
Best known from
Cheers and its spin-off Frasier, of course. Also there was one episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation; and X-Men: The Last Stand; and Down Periscope; and Benedict Arnold: A Question of Honor; and Mr. St. Nick; and A Christmas Carol: The Musical; and an ep of Modern Family; and Proven Innocent. And some voice work. Grant, Hugh
I know him from
Four Weddings and a Funeral; and The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill But Came Down a Mountain; and Doctor Who: The Curse of the Fatal Death; and Bridget Jones's Diary (and its sequel); and voice work in The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists! Greene, Graham
I know him from a recurring role on
Northern Exposure; and The Red Green Show; and Defiance; and the "Mystery!" installments A Thief of Time and Coyote Waits; and the short-lived series Wolf Lake; and an episode of Read All About It; and a minor role in Twilight: New Moon; and Maverick. And... I'm sure I've seen him in tons of other things I can't recall right now. Gries, Jon
I know him from
Real Genius; and The Pretender; and a minor role in The Monster Squad; and Napoleon Dynamite; and a few eps of Lost; and an episode of Supernatural; and an ep of Psych. Gross, Paul
I mainly know him from
Due South (and a couple of songs he sang on that series, "Robert MacKenzie" and "Ride Forever" were pretty good). I also know him from The Red Green Show; and Eastwick. Guillaume, Robert
I know him from
Benson; and Sports Night; and Big Fish. And of course he voiced Rafiki in The Lion King. Gunn, Sean
I loved him on
Gilmore Girls. There were also a few eps of Andy Richter Controls the Universe; and The Specials; and a small role in Guardians of the Galaxy (and a bigger role in Vol. 2); and maybe some other stuff.
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