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Monty Python and the Holy Grail (PG)
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This came out in 1975, which is the same year that I was born, which explains a lot. No, wait, it doesn't actually explain anything. My bad. Um... Okay, anyway. I must have first seen it, on TV, sometime in like the 90s, I would think. Maybe. I don't really remember. But eventually I saw it again, on DVD, in 2014. I had gotten the DVD from a friend several years earlier, but, you know, it usually takes me years to get around to watching my DVDs. I finally chose to watch it one night when there was nothing on TV that I wanted to watch, in part because it's not a terribly long movie, and in part because I'd recently been seeing a commercial for Mentos gum that put me in mind of this movie. Sort of. In any event, it's a terribly weird and terribly funny movie, with lots of very memorable bits that you've probably heared quoted or parodied even if you've never seen the movie. (There's one bit that, when I watched it this time, I was all like "Hey, Mojo Jojo was riffing on that one time on The Powerpuff Girls, and I didn't even realize it until now. I think.") But of course there were lots of bits in the movie that I did remember from whenever I had previously watched it. It's all incredibly stupid, of course, or at least absurd, in a way that kind of seems simultaneously stupid and brilliant, though you could be forgiven if you're the kind of person who only sees the stupidity in it or the kind of person who only sees the brilliance in it. But I see both, so... I'm better than you, if you only see one or the other. I guess. Or not. Whatever.

I forgot to mention that this movie was made by the folks who did the TV series Monty Python's Flying Circus. Well, I didn't forget exactly, but I got sidetracked, and then by the time I remembered, I felt it was time for a new paragraph. I should mention also that this is their second film, but I haven't seen the first one, and I'm pretty sure it doesn't really count, anyway. If you've seen the series, you really don't need to see the first film. I think. I also want to say that if you haven't seen the series, and you watch this, the second film, you'll likely say to yourself, "Damn, those guys have like no attention span," whereas if you have seen the series, you'll be deeply impressed by the attention span that they apparently had while making this movie. Because they rather incredibly manage to stick to a single plot for pretty much the whole movie. Though of course there are interstitial (often animated) bits that, while related to the plot, are, you know, weird. (The whole thing's weird, but... there are degrees, you know.)

Um... so, I was watching the DVD, and it began with... the projectionist showing the wrong film. I didn't remember that from when I saw it before, but it probably happened before, whether I remembered it or not. Then there were some silly opening credits for the right film. But finally the story gets around to starting. It's set in England in 932. King Arthur and his squire assemble a group of knights, who are subsequently given a quest by God: to find the Holy Grail. And um... I cannot imagine what else to say about the plot. It's all just a bunch of completely absurd things happening while Arthur and the knights search for the Grail. And it's awesome. And daft. And

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