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Strange Brew (PG)
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So... this is a sort of surreal comedy from 1983, based on the "Great White North" sketches from the TV series SCTV. It features these Canadian brothers named Bob and Doug McKenzie (Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas); I'm not sure when I first became even vaguely familiar with the characters, but it must have been years after the show ended, but also years before I first saw this movie. I don't think I became aware of the movie's existence until the mid-1990s, when I believe a college friend gave me the movie on VHS. And so I must have watched it at some point before I had a website (or at least before I started writing reviews), and then pretty much forgot about it. But in 2014, I got the movie on DVD, so I'm watching it again to write this review. And it was better than I remembered.

So anyway, it starts with Bob & Doug sort of doing their regular show, but talking about making a movie, eh? Then we start to see the movie, which is like this really lame homemade thing, and like everyone starts leaving the theater, eh? Then Bob & Doug go home and have some beer, but for redonkulous reasons I won't go into, they ruin their dad's beer, so they need to buy some more. (Their dad is voiced by Mel Blanc, btw.) But they don't have any money, so they go to the Elsinore brewery to try to scam some free beer.

Meanwhile, there's this woman named Pam, whose father has recently died. He was the owner of the brewery, which Pam is supposed to inherit. But her uncle/stepfather Claude wants to buy her out, because he's secretly working with this creepy guy called Brewmeister Smith (played by Max von Sydow). They have plans to put like mind control drugs in the beer and I guess like take over the world. But anyway, Bob & Doug end up getting jobs at the brewery. And there's another guy working there called Rosie, who is like a former famous hockey player. And he falls in love with Pam at first sight, I guess. And um, the brewery is like right near an insane asylum, so Smith and Claude are using mental patients to test their drug. And um... Pam eventually learns at least part of what's going on, so Claude and Smith need to get rid of her. And frame Bob & Doug. And stuff. Meanwhile, Bob & Doug are just totally clueless doofuses. But don't worry, there's a happy ending though, eh?

And, you know, the whole thing is just totally redonkulous from beginning to end, but it's like brilliantly redonkulous. This movie is like one of the prototypes of redonkulousness against which all redonkulousness should be judged, eh? Also you should totally be having some beer while you watch it.

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