war films

This category will be for movies that are specifically about any actual, historical or modern wars. (It won't include any fictitious, fantastic, or sci-fi wars.) However, it's important to note that the movies may take a lot of liberties with history, sometimes to the point of seeming more like fantasy than history. (The category also is not for documentaries.) I probably won't include any movies where the war itself is not central to the plot; that is, movies that happen during a war, in which the war may supply some important context to the plot, but the movie isn't specifically about the war, will not be included here. Nor is the category for any films that are about isolated battles that aren't part of a full-scale war. And it's not for films that may include a war as just one part of a larger theme, such as biopics. And it's not for comedies (with possible rare exceptions). And um... damn, there are so many things this category isn't about.

See also period pieces and westerns