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Innocent Blood (R)
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Rather campy film, supposed to be a comedy. Personally I found only a few bits of it only mildly amusing, but on the other hand I didn't find any of it particularly serious. It was enjoyable enough, I suppose, but not particularly good. I mean, I dunno if I'll ever bother watching it again, but I'm glad to have seen it, I wanted to for years....

Anyway, there's this French vampire named Marie (Anne Parillaud), who's in Pittsburgh, preying on mobsters. Meanwhile there's an undercover cop named Joe Gennaro (Anthony LaPaglia), who's been working with a local mob boss named Sallie Macelli (Robert Loggia), building a case against him. Then Marie kills Sallie, and Joe tracks her down. But it turns out Sallie has turned into a vampire, himself, and starts turning his associates into vampires, in the hopes that their new powers will help them take over the city, wipe out all the rival mob families. Joe and Marie team up to take Sallie down, and in the process fall in love. That's about all there is to it.

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